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Addressing Information Overload: Accelerate Innovation With a Single Source of Truth

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

In the previous addition of this series, we discussed how enterprise search can enable you to locate the subject matter expert you are looking for through a search results sidebar. This sidebar includes contact information related to the search term for quick and easy access. In this part, we will explore the fourth way to address information overload with AI-powered search: accelerate innovation with a single source of truth

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4. Accelerate Innovation With a Single Source of Truth

There is significant pressure to develop and bring products to market faster and smarter. And a declining return on R&D investments is propelling many to seek out creative ways to exploit data and optimize internal processes.

Data is:

  • Complex
  • Growing exponentially
  • Often siloed across both internal and external sources.

Massive amounts of data are processed every day. From trade databases and scientific publications surfaced from PubMed to crawling internal data stores like SharePoint or OpenText Content Server, content is everywhere.

Regardless of the format or location, AI-powered search can help you locate that information and surface new insights to answer your questions.

And a blended index and multitude of connectors mean that IT doesn’t have to worry about migrating data or creating project specific data marts to consolidate data.

So, imagine the researcher who is able to return all relevant information with a single query.

It becomes simple to scour SharePoint and the MEDLINE database in one fell swoop, all from a single search interface.

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Since life sciences organizations have numerous content repositories, including databases, document and content management systems, file shares, intranets, public websites, and, of course, clinical and safety systems, it is beneficial to have a way to search all of these applications at once. With a single search box, you can quickly pinpoint the exact document or information that you need. In the next addition of this series, we will discuss the fifth and final way to address information overload in life sciences with AI-powered search.

Gain comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how life sciences companies can leverage an insight engine like Coveo to support use cases ranging from drug discovery to regulatory compliance and commercial operations with our interactive guide.

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