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Perficient Wins 2019 Coveo Accelerator Award at Coveo Impact

Day one of Coveo Impact 2019 in San Francisco was brought to a close with the Coveo Community Awards this evening. These awards celebrate customers and partners that are progressing through the Coveo Relevancy Maturity Model and demonstrate a real commitment to leveraging the platform. As a Coveo Platinum Partner, Perficient is proud to be […]

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AI-Powered Search at Coveo Impact 2019

Coveo Impact is where customers and partners come together to share and learn how AI-powered search provides real business value. This year the cognitive search-focused conference will be held in San Francisco May 22-24, 2019. The Coveo Impact 2019 agenda is packed full of educational sessions that focus on how to improve relevance to support […]

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GSA Replacement Contenders Have Ignored This Key Use Case

When Google announced the end of the Google Search Appliance (GSA), the other major players in the space rapidly put together their messaging on why their product was the perfect replacement for the GSA. They espoused their cognitive search, machine learning, 360-degree view UIs, etc. The competitive landscape has focused on the large enterprise search […]

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5 Things You Can’t Overlook in an Enterprise Search Migration

Last month I wrote a blog, “7 Tips to Prep for a GSA Sunset”. I had several people reach out and suggest the need for a follow-up article covering areas of focus during an enterprise search migration. After giving it some thought, I came up with a list of less obvious considerations that can make […]

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7 Tips to Prep for a Google Search Appliance (GSA) Sunset

After much back and forth, it seems like the end-of-life for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be the end of 2018. Most GSA users have adopted a “plug, play and walk-away” approach for far too long. The GSA will not continue functioning as an unsupported appliance. It will turn off like a light switch […]

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[Guide] 4 Pillars to AI-Powered Search in the Digital Workplace

Modern, digitally connected employees expect their workplace to deliver the same level of technological sophistication that they experience as customers. They want the latest collaboration and communication tools that are fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly. The days of static intranets for knowledge share are gone; today’s employees demand information at their fingertips anytime and anyplace. Yet, […]

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Coveo Named a Leader in Gartner MQ for Insight Engines

Research firm Gartner has given Coveo its highest placement in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines – ranking the enterprise search organization well ahead of its competitors in both “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision.” Gartner analyzed 13 enterprise search engines for the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines. The firm defines “insight […]

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[Video] Exploring the Coveo for Salesforce Express Edition

Enterprise Search Trends to Watch The enterprise search market is changing as technology providers take advantage of emerging data-related capabilities, such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), and build them into their cloud-based enterprise search solutions. AI-powered search opens up a world of possibilities to modernize the search experience for end users, helps a workforce be more […]

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Sayonara! Google Puts On-Site Enterprise Search Option To Bed

  Not long ago, our team published a guide on Google Search for Life Sciences because the Google Search Appliance (GSA) can work wonders for companies in our industry. But we just learned that Google has decided to put that powerful yellow box, designed to sit on-premises, to bed. Let me say that again: Google […]

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Nobody Ever Got Fired For Implementing Google Search Appliance

  You’ve heard that saying before, right? Okay, it’s slightly different than the original one, which refers to IBM (one of our partners, too). But it’s true: to our knowledge, no client has ever regretted their implementation of the Google Search Appliance (GSA) solution. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. We consistently hear positive feedback […]

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There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Intranet Traffic

  In marketing, the amount of traffic to a website, blog, or other digital asset is important. Generally speaking, the more the merrier. It often defines success. What if I were to tell you that the same goes for your Intranet portals? You know, the places you go to search your company’s research papers, clinical […]

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How Many File Formats Can Google Search Appliance Index?

  One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “What file formats can Google Search Appliance (GSA) index?” Since so many people are curious, we decided to share the answer with you in our blog. It goes a little something like this: The number of file formats GSA can index is incredible. […]

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Top 5 Life Sciences Blog Posts From April 2015

  Now that May is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in April – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. 

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Admit It, Finding The SME At Your Organization Ain’t Easy

  How many times have you searched your company’s Intranet portal, or even emailed, instant messaged, or called your colleagues in an effort to find the most suitable person to answer your questions? Maybe they’re in HR or Finance. Or, maybe they’re in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, or IT. Whatever the case, pinpointing that person […]

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Search. Open. Close. Open. Close. Save Me, Google Search!

  If you look at the numbers, it’s evident that Google is the leader when it comes to web search. There’s no contest. So, it should be no surprise they also happen to be the champion of enterprise search, enabling companies to quickly and accurately scour their multitude of databases all at once across the […]

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The Search Engine for Your Business: Part 1

Introduction It has been a while since I’ve hit the blogosphere. During that time I had the pleasure of presenting a search webinar speaking about SharePoint 2013 search. Not only did I learn that presenting for a webinar was much different than presenting in front of a room of people, I also realized that the […]

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Facebook Graph Search: Changing the Search Experience?

Consumer experiences drive enterprise user expectations.  That’s become increasingly true over the last few years.  Now Facebook is making a bid to provide the first fundamental change to how we experience Search since Google introduced the now-ubiquitous Simple White Page With An Empty Search Box. Will Facebook’s latest innovation join the queue of consumer applications […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search & Social: Webinar Recap & Replay

Yesterday, we hosted a SharePoint 2013 webinar that covered the new search and social features. Will Tseng, a senior technical consultant within Perficient’s SharePoint practice, and Rich Wood, director of Perficient’s national SharePoint practice, teamed up to talk about two of their favorite topics. In the first half of the webinar, Will discussed key components of designing […]

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SP2013 Search: Workaround for People Result Sorting

So I was getting some unexpected behavior (as in just not working!) when I tried to apply sorting to people search from the peopleresults.aspx page through the query builder. I hadn’t had any issues sorting on my other result sources but people results were proving to be stubborn. To reproduce, try going to your People […]

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SP2013 Search–Content Type Managed Property in Queries

Not the right effect? Very short and sweet this time, hopefully will help those who happen on this page for this common issue. In the Query Builder, you can create a query using using fields or managed properties. A common field that users will use for creating a fielded search is Content Type. However, as […]

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