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How to Run Talend job from Command Line

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We mostly use Talend studio, TAC or TMC to run a Talend job once it is ready. But for all these we need to install Talend Studio and need rights to access TAC and TMC. What if we want to run a talend job outside the studio? We can do that using command prompt.

We can bundle the job so that we can execute our talend job irrespective of whether Talend studio is installed on machine or not we can execute them independently. All we need is a zip file of that job and JDK installed on our machine. Also, if we are making use of any context variables, we can also override the values of those variables and can execute the job dynamically.


Steps 1 to 3 are about how to make a zip file of a job and steps 4 to 7 to run the job using Command Line

  1. Right click on the job which you want to run outside the studio and then click on Build Job



  1. After Clicking Build job a Pop-Up box will open in that we have to browse/specify the path location in ‘’To archive File’’ box to save the job
    Select Build Type as Standalone job
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  1. Later Finish the Pop Up 


  2. Go to the path location which we specified while building the job there we can see the zip filePicture4
  3. Next, we need to extract the file in the same or different folder.We can see .bat, .sh files, .bat is for Windows and .sh for Linux. We are using Windows so we would use .bat file


  1. Open Command prompt and drag the .bat file from that path and drop it into command prompt
  2. Press Enter

We can see the result in command line




So, that’s all about how we can run a Talend job with the help of command line. We discussed all the steps required to perform this task. If we are someone who doesn’t know Talend but need to run a Talend job, then we can use that zip file. Now, we know how to run a job outside Talend Studio.

Thanks for reading!

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