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Addressing Information Overload: Personalize Interactions in the Moments That Matter

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In the previous part of this series, we discussed how enterprise search can accelerate innovation with a single source of truth. In this part, we will explore the fifth and final way to address information overload with AI-powered search: personalize interactions in the moments that matter

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5. Personalize Interactions in the Moments That Matter

A principal tool that life sciences companies have used to market and sell products is in-person visits. But as customer expectations shift, the number of products increase, and the amount of face time with healthcare professionals decreases, a new model is emerging that’s changing the way companies connect with customers and release products.

The model has evolved to a more-dynamic two-way relationship, that reaches healthcare professionals across channels, fits their lifestyle, and adapts to the speed of their practice. It’s the information they need, delivered where they want it, when they want it.

Enter AI and machine learning. These have the potential to personalize interactions across both in person and digital channels, enabling reps with tactical guidance and timely suggestions while delivering more-relevant content to customers along their digital journey.

The power of a robust enterprise search solution is in its ability to deliver better personalization through an understanding of the individual and an anticipation of their intent.

This solution:

  • Should be responsive in providing answers
  • Is proactive in making suggestions
  • Is predictive in making recommendations

One of the most-popular features of an enterprise search solution is the document preview functionality. When a physician asks an impromptu question, they can quickly hover over a magnifying glass that appears next to a particular search result, which generates a preview of the file right then and there. Nothing’s opened. Nothing needs to be closed. It’s just the timely delivery of information.

Continuous communication with the field and education of new customers is imperative to keep everyone informed on the latest devices and therapies. And arming sales reps with quick access to relevant content to engage physicians is critical to creating value added relationships.

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Unlock the Value of Information With Perficient

Leading life sciences companies use enterprise search solutions, built with advanced machine learning models and usage analytics, to search across multiple content sources in order to improve business processes like:

  • Compliance
  • Research and development
  • Marketing
  • And more

Coveo is a leading platform delivering search and relevance to top life sciences organizations.

As a Coveo Platinum Partner, we can help you design, architect, and implement modern enterprise search solutions that empower your users to be more successful, and ultimately impact the customer experience.

Our experience working with the world’s largest public pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, along with expertise across technologies and platforms, enables us to seamlessly integrate intelligent search with a variety of applications to unlock the value of information to transform your business.

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Get Started!

Since life sciences organizations have numerous content repositories, including databases, document and content management systems, file shares, intranets, public websites, and, of course, clinical and safety systems, it is beneficial to have a way to search all of these applications at once. With a single search box, you can quickly pinpoint the exact document or information that you need.

Gain comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how life sciences companies can leverage an insight engine like Coveo to support use cases ranging from drug discovery to regulatory compliance and commercial operations with our interactive guide.

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