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Perficient’s Campus Program Provides Connection, Community, and Career Opportunity for New Grads

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From dorms to desks, new grads who begin their career at Perficient waste no time getting up to speed with the help of our Campus Program, a transitional onboarding experience designed to accelerate their readiness and prepare them for successful client deployments.

New Grads Hit the Ground Running for Perficient

Corp Training

Perficient’s Campus Program, 2019

“One of our keys to success and growth is our ability to attract, develop, and retain up-and-coming tech talent,” explains Mike Grennier, talent acquisition director. “With that in mind, we have made significant investments in our Campus Program to aid in the continued success and growth of our new grads. We have organized a highly customized experience that touches many areas of our business and allows for their successful transition to client projects and bright futures here at Perficient.”

Perficient’s Campus Program includes:

  • Intro to Perficient: This three-day, high-energy experience covers Perficient methodologies and processes.
  • Bootcamp: Next, a six-to-eight-week bootcamp provides a simulated client environment where attendees participate in shadowing, internal individual and group projects, targeted training, and mentoring.
  • Deployment: Once deployed, campus hires are closely monitored and coached to ensure success on their initial client engagements.

By providing an overview of Perficient’s business, culture, and tools, our enhanced training program is specialized to provide an experience unique to the needs of recent grads. The program includes continuous development and compensation components to aid in the long-term career growth, satisfaction, and retention of attendees.

Campus Program Attendees Sit With Tom Hogan To Learn About Perficient's Operations

Perficient’s Campus Program, 2020

Campus Program attendees collaborate on a wide variety of projects and dive deeper into the technology solutions before deploying to a client. Nicholas Bourgeois, associate technical consultant, recently joined through the program shared, “The most important thing that I learned, aside from how to use various Perficient services, is how to properly work together with people I may not directly know.”

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Campus Program Benefits More than Just Recent Grads

And it’s not just the attendees who benefit from the experience.

“Being a part of this initiative means being a part of something bigger at Perficient,” shares Kaleigh Schniepp, HR reporting specialist who acts as the Campus Program community manager by supporting the group chats with helpful links, tips, and conversation starters. “The Campus Program provides a unique experience not just for the new hires we bring onboard, but the colleagues involved in putting it all together, as well.”

“I learn something from the campus hires with every session,” agrees Lynn Pounds, resource coordinator who manages the three-day kick-off. “It is such an honor to facilitate the three-day onboarding program. The energy of the campus hires is contagious and the sessions renew my enthusiasm for working at Perficient!”

Fresh Perspectives Bring New Ideas

Our colleagues pride themselves on providing an inviting, inclusive culture that is always willing to lend a hand or brainstorm for a project. “Perficient’s Campus Program is important because our campus hires bring fresh ideas and perspectives to Perficient,” explains Lynn. “Campus hires start as a group and have an immediate support network; it’s great to see their work relationships grow with their careers.”

“My favorite part about our Campus Program is the bond I make with the hires,” Kaleigh adds. “I’ve met such interesting people through this program. Getting to connect with them and watching them grow in the company is inspiring.”

The Perficient Campus Program continues to provide intelligent and talented individuals who are just starting to build their careers the chance to grow while making Perficient even greater.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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