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Providing a Unified Customer Experience with Cloud

The following is the eleventh blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

Throughout this series, we have discussed the many benefits of cloud, including increased velocity for innovation, enhanced security, and the opportunity for ROI. In the next few blogs, we’re going to examine some use cases across different industries to show how exactly industry leaders are utilizing cloud computing to enhance their businesses.

Giving the consumer a unified customer experience with cloud

Many of the cloud’s benefits that we’ve highlighted in this series apply to back-end operations. However, one of the most important benefits of the cloud for financial services companies translates over to the front end.

One example of this comes from our work with one of the leading global financial services companies. The company used multiple systems that it had acquired over time to support its customers. This process was proving more and more cumbersome over time, and the systems weren’t integrated. As a result, data was scattered on the back end and the customer experience was suffering on the front end.

This is a familiar problem for financial services companies, which deal with a vast array of data. While this data is useful, the data is often siloed and stored in legacy systems, making it hard to utilize.

To connect the data, we united the customer, contact, and product data sets behind a set of REST APIs. At the same time, we also updated processes and systems to unify the data. The data was configured for consolidation in the cloud, and legacy support systems were retired. As a result, the client had a united view of the customer’s profile on the back end, allowing a unified customer experience on the front end.

This change followed a project in which we converted several web apps into cloud-native applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The result of these projects was giving the client provided a more personalized, unified customer experience in the cloud.

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