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How Cloud Brings Improved Security

The following is the sixth blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

Cloud’s capabilities are far reaching and impact the whole business. While many have heard of the speed and agility that cloud enables and the innovation that allows, cloud’s capabilities go beyond that. In this blog, we’re going to examine one of cloud’s underrated strengths – the security advantages it offers.

How security improves with cloud

Generally speaking, public cloud vendor offerings are more secure than most on-premises data centers.

Despite that, over the past decade, security concerns have been the main objection for many organizations considering cloud. But doubts over public cloud security are subsiding, and with good reason. Cloud vendors take security extremely seriously because their ability to keep your data safe is integral to their business.

The perimeter surveillance instituted by cloud vendors is automated, built, and maintained by security architects with extensive cybersecurity expertise to protect from external threats. These same security architects work in tandem across networks and continents to tackle invasive threats. They perform thorough and frequent system audits with vigilance on access controls for both internal and external threats. The skill and capability of these dedicated security specialists, along with the high number of specialists, is more than most businesses can afford to dedicate to security themselves.

Cutting edge security capabilities – from facial or iris scans to machine learning combined with AI to identify potential threat vectors – are commonplace in the public cloud security portfolio. This level of protection comes built-in for most public-cloud providers with all of their service offerings.

Moreover, the cloud is complex and decentralized, with multiple storage locations across the global footprint of the provider. This inherit complexity discourages many cyber criminals from launching direct attacks on these environments. All of these factors, combined with the fact that most public-cloud providers have a direct connection to global government cyber security threat centers, means most corporations will improve their security protection by moving to the cloud.

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