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VMware Completes Pivotal Acquisition

VMware Completes Pivotal Acquisition

During SpringOne Platform in 2019, Pivotal officially opened the conference with a keynote featuring James Watters, Senior VP of Strategy at Pivotal, and Pat Gelsinger, CEO at VMware, to announce the acquisition of Pivotal. When James asked, “Why Pivotal?” Pat noted the two had already worked closely. With the widespread adoption of Kubernetes in the market, it was time to scale.

What does this mean for Pivotal?

Fast forward to today, and VMware’s acquisition of Pivotal is now complete. Organizationally, this means a new business unit for the VMware and Pivotal teams. Pivotal’s offerings combined with VMware’s Cloud-Native Applications form a new group. The new group is the Modern Applications Platform Business Unit. As a result of the combined strength of Pivotal and VMware R&D teams, we can look forward to continued product investment and an expanded portfolio of tools and services.

Introduction of VMware Tanzu

With the acquisition, VMware has introduced its expanded portfolio as a new VMware brand called VMware Tanzu. Tanzu will combine VMware’s Kubernetes infrastructure with Pivotal technologies to build, run and manage applications in any environment. As a result, developers will be able to build modern apps and maintain existing apps side-by-side, using the same platform.

Tanzu will also facilitate the deployment of Kubernetes clusters across data centers, public clouds, and edge. Using Tanzu Mission Control, Developers can easily create policies for access, backup, networking and will be able to enforce optimal configuration across fleets of clusters and applications running in different clouds.

With these policies and configurations in place, developers will have self-service access to the resources they need to deploy their applications in multiple clouds. They can do this without changing their native workflow. As a result, teams will have a single control point for optimal operator consistency.

Working with Perficient

As an Advanced Pivotal Ready Partner, we lead organizations through the modernization process. Our certified Pivotal consultants and Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab graduates have delivered numerous successful projects across industries. We’re excited to work with Pivotal and VMware together in this new era.

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