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Perficient Partners with Optimizely for Experimentation with Personalization


We are happy to announce that Perficient has partnered with the new Optimizely Digital Experience Platform DXP to leverage its world-class client-side (Web and Personalization) and server-side (Full Stack) digital experience optimization tools. The Perficient Digital conversion optimization team helps enterprise businesses achieve a successful ROI on tools like Optimizely through training and enablement. We also help teams develop or improve their optimization programs and provide leadership and best practices.

Achieve CRO Success Through Experimentation and Personalization

The most successful businesses online are using experimentation and personalization to drive improvements in their website and apps. This methodology drives faster learning and accelerated growth of their business results. Experimentation is used to improve the customer experience while increasing conversion rates and mitigating revenue loss.
Personalization is an extension of experimentation and enables the dynamic insertion, customization, or suggestion of content in a format that is relevant to an individual. The delivery of content is based on identified user behaviors and preferences, as well as explicit selections.

Improve the Customer Experience with Client-Side Tools

To give you some background, the Web and Personalization Optimizely tools allow for ideation and measuring of the results of front-end website enhancements and marketing campaigns. Some of the goals these may help accomplish include improving acquisition and engagement metrics. The Optimizely tool is designed with the customer in mind. They have developed an easy-to-use interface that helps marketers and front-end developers quickly create experiences and expand their capabilities for data-driven marketing.
Some of the use cases for client-side experimentation include:

  • Ongoing improvement to a website’s user experience
  • Promoting and improving the best content and marketing promotions
  • Decreasing cart abandonment and improving checkout UX
  • Landing page and form optimization

Adaptive Audiences

One of the stand-out features of the Personalization tool is Adaptive Audiences. Optimizely Adaptive Audiences lets you target visitors based on their interests. Instead of relying on extensive data analysis to define explicit behavioral targeting rules, you can create a predicted-intent audience condition that captures a certain percentage of your visitors who are most interested in a specific topic. Optimizely uses machine learning to determine whether or not they belong in your new audience.

Stats Accelerator

Another one of the great features of Optimizely is Stats Accelerator. This feature helps you algorithmically capture more value from your experiments by reducing the time to statistical significance. It does this by monitoring ongoing experiments and using machine learning to adjust traffic distribution among variations.

Deliver the Intended Results with Server-Side Tools

Experimentation is not just for marketing teams anymore. Experimentation is now part of the entire product development process. There is no need for guesswork, you can run simple experiments to validate your website enhancements that will drive your business growth. This will help you increase your website and app success, mitigate potential loss in KPIs, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Product teams, engineers, and back-end developers are using server-side experimentation to measure the results of their website enhancements, reduce the risk of product improvements rollouts, and product feature enhancement.
Using server-side testing, product teams can now ensure their enhancements have a positive impact on their business KPIs. Server-side experiments incur close to zero latency and negate potential client-side issues like flashing or single-page apps integration. Some of the goals these tools may help achieve include retention, adoption, and improving customer lifetime value.

Full Stack

The Full Stack tool is used by the product team, engineers, and back-end developers using server-side experimentation to measure the results of their website enhancements, reduce the risk of product improvement rollouts, and enhance product features.
Some of the use cases that we would use server-side testing for include:

  • Algorithms and price testing
  • Feature flags and rollouts
  • Back-end performance
  • Apps and omnichannel

Improve Your ROI with Optimizely

Are you currently using Optimizely DXP or considering an experimentation or personalization tool in the future? Find out how Perficient can help you get the most value out of a tool like Optimizely. Whether you have been conducting experiments for a while now or you’ve just started building your optimization program, there is always room for improvement. That’s what conversion optimization is all about – consistent improvement to drive success.


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