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I am thrilled to once again attend Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, FL. Each year, this event is a chance for my Perficient Digital Sitecore team to gather in one place to learn, grow, collaborate, and share our practice. Like last year, I will be posting session review blogs about those I attend, so follow me to receive updates. Also, be sure to leave a comment or tweet us if you want a particular session to be reviewed.
Of course, you can always stop by booth 206 to meet more members of our team and hear about the work we have done utilizing Sitecore.

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception is a great way to relax from a day of travel, connect with co-workers, meet new people, enjoy some snacks and get a preview of what’s to come. Read more.

Human Connections in a Digital World

The opening keynote brings all the conference attendees into one room and highlights great speakers to get the conference started.  This year’s theme is “Human Connections in a Digital World.” I have recapped my key takeaways from each speaker’s presentation. Read more.

Punch It Chewie

This session talked about why and how to performance test, why it matters and how much it costs when we ignore the various types of performance testing. Read more.

Managing Technical Debt While Implementing Helix Principals

This session provided a basic look at technical debt – what it is and where it comes from. It also offered some suggestions on working with legacy code and helix together. Read more.

Build JSS Websites with Blazor

Blazor is a very new and exciting technology.  This session shows a proof of concept for creating a JSS framework for Blazor.  The project is community driven and not yet supported by Sitecore. Read more.

Day 1 Closing Keynote

At the end of the day, Sitecore announced the ultimate experience award winners for the Americas region, while CEO Mark Frost gave a few additional thoughts on customer experience. Read more.

Day 2 Opening Keynote

Today’s opening session was really motivating.  Getting us to consider consumer intent while online shopping and how to shape personalization on emotion and how we can use AI to help us in the future. Read more.

New Editing Experience In Sitecore

The session showed of some of the basic editing and extension capabilities of the new UI for in context page editing.  This new UI is fast, sleek and modern.  I can’t wait to use it! Read more.

Sitecore Rules Engine

Jeffery Rondeau gave a great presentation on the Sitecore rules engine and showed some things you can do with it other than personalization.  My favorite was limiting the number of instances of a given component on a single page (think hero images). Read more.

Magic Johnson Keynote

Today’s keynote was delivered by NBA star Magic Johnson.  And, what a great speaker he was!  He gave his entire speech from the floor amongst the audience.  He picked a person out of the audience to tell his stories to directly.  He took selfies with people.  And he had a great relatable message. Read more.

Sitecore Helix

In this session, we learned how not to use helix and ways in which it is used incorrectly.  It also highlighted some of the updates in Helix 2.0 and showed us what to look forward to in future versions.  Read more.

Blazing Fast Sitecore Sites

Time is money.  Therefore, a slow site can cause you to lose money.  At Sitecore Symposium, I learned about some goals for optimizing your performance, tools to help you measure, and suggestions to get you there. Read more.

HIPAA Compliance in Sitecore

This session offered a quick overview/review of the HIPAA law and how it relates to Sitecore hosting and development. Read more.

Symposium Closing

During this final session, we had an overview of comments made through the week, heard a little about where Sitecore is going in the future, and had live voting for people’s choice award. Coming soon to Sitecore to address customer needs is a modern SaaS solution (coming 2020), artificial intelligence (planned 2019), and ongoing platform innovations. The live voting for people’s choice award went to the work done at Subway.
Lastly, Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill announced the location of Sitecore 2020: Chicago, IL! I cannot wait to attend this event next year and continue to learn and grow in my Sitecore practice in the year to come. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the work we are doing at Perficient Digital and thank you for following along with my Symposium journey. Tweet me with your thoughts about my posts and any other Sitecore questions.

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