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Sitecore Symposium 2018: Sessions Review

Another year, another great Sitecore Symposium! What a fantastic experience!  The Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin was a wonderful host hotel.  Lots of space for sessions.  Several unique food options on site.  Great conference meals for breakfast and lunch.  The bar and lounge in the Dolphin was the perfect place to hang out with co-workers and new friends after a long day of learning and networking.
Like last year, I’ll be typing up my notes for each session and linking to them from this post.  Be sure to follow me to get notified about updates.

Opening Keynote

The theme of this year’s symposium was “elevate the experience”.  The idea that the experience is the product is very interesting.  Three brands demonstrated this in very unique ways.  Several announcements were made: the general availability of JSS, deeper integration with Salesforce, and the acquisition of Stylelabs.  Read more

The Fallacy of “Impossible”

This is was quite the story of inspiration and determination.  The goal of NotImpossible Labs is to provide sustainable tech that is affordable.  Their motto is help one, help many.  They do this by finding something that is absurd, commit to making a change, then figuring out how to accomplish it.  Read more

Headless CMS, The Great Uncoupling

This session gave a little background on headless cms, offered a different definition and talked about how we got here. Read more

JSS Marketing Automation

Our very own Corey Smith and Rick Bauer demonstrated a full JSS application.  JSS disconnected mode can really speed up frontend development. Read more

Helix and JSS

Sitecore’s Helix guidelines were developed for MVC development.  This session showed how the Helix guidelines can be applied to JSS development. Read more

Beyond the SXA Toolbox

This was my first exposure to SXA.  It seems like a great way to jumpstart frontend development.  This session also showed some of the new features in version 1.8.  Read more

JSS in Powerful Ways

This session gave a little more background on working with JSS as well as how to create a progressive web app. Read more

Development Workflow with JSS

This session showed the development workflow for creating an application with JSS.  From frontend framework tooling, to Sitecore integration, to app deployment. Read more

Empowering Women in Technology

This was an amazing panel discussion with 18 female Sitecore MVPs including Perficient’s own Wendy Derstine and hosted by Sitecore’s Paige O’Neil.  Lots of discussion about closing the gender gap, fighting unconscious gender bias, and getting the next generation of young women involved in technology. Read more

Learning to SPEAK

This session talked about SPEAK UI and how to build Sitecore applications that match the Sitecore UI. Read more

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