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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Magic Johnson Keynote

Magic Johnson started his keynote by coming out into different sections of the audience and letting people take pictures and give them high-fives. A great way to start off making connections with the audience.  He continued this trend by delivering his entire speech while standing amongst the audience rather than on the stage.  For every story he told, he selected someone from the audience and told his story directly to that person, which made it really engaging.  After each story, he would either give a high-five or a chest bump and then take a selfie with the person he had told the story to.  He was a super cool and super humble guy!
Magic Johnson presenting

  • What did he take from the court into business?
    • Discipline
    • Preparation
    • Competiveness
  • Know your audience
    • Magic researched and discovered that African-Americans, Latinos, and Millennials have 3 trillion dollars in spending power.
      • He opened 125 Starbucks stores in inner-city neighborhoods
        • Starbucks did not think it would work and was hesitant
        • Changed the menu and music to appeal to target audience
        • Added a community board for people to post local events
        • Had average per order sales that were higher than other stores
      • He opened Magic Theatres
        • Made it affordable for these groups to attend the movies
      • He bought the Dodgers baseball team
        • On the first day after he owned the team, he lowered parking prices. This attracted more people to attend games in person.
        • He spent over 3 million dollars on improving the stadium
        • He added food items that appeal to his audience
        • He increased social interactions by adding hangout areas for people to meet other fans.
        • Attendance dramatically increased and games are near capacity on a regular basis.
        • Voted number one for fan experience year after year
    • Knowing your audience means figuring out what they want and figuring out how to deliver it
    • Understand the message or messages that relates to your customer
        • Send a unique message to each type of customer so they receive the message that relates to them
  • Emotional connection is everything
    • You want your customers to be tied to your company
    • You want them to see you are real and you care about them and not just the bottom line
    • They want to know what your brand stands for
    • They want to know you listen to them
  • Be able to pivot
    • You may lose your biggest client. That’s okay.  Go find five more that are bigger.
    • Do not focus on the loss
    • Keep your head up and look for the next opportunity. You won’t find it if your head is down.

Magic’s Advice:

  • Be committed
    • To coming to work
    • To your values
    • To achieving greatness
  • Play your role
  • Be the best at what you do
  • Always try to be better
  • Winning is about a mindset
    • Then strategy
    • Then execution
  • Do not do anything half way
  • Do not ask yourself what can I do to be successful
    • Instead ask how many other people can I make successful
  • How does he attract good talent?
    • People want to work for his company because of
      • The work he is doing
      • Their history of success
      • Their track record
Perficient Digital and Magic Johnson

Perficient Digital Larry Thomas with Magic Johnson during his keynote address

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