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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Day 2 Opening Keynote


Today’s opening session was really motivating. We discussed consumer intent while online shopping and examined how to build a human connection with emotion. Considering the continued growth and ability of AI, we also heard about how it can help us in the future.

Case Study: Lowes Canada

  • How to connect the store and the website?
  • Things to consider when someone is looking for a washer and dryer; what is that person really doing?
    • Renovating their laundry room?
    • What else might they need?
      • Paint, paint supplies, sink, hookup kit, shelves, etc.
    • This kind of thinking is critical to personalization and understanding your customer
  • Challenges
    • Promotions and discounts
      • Based on what you are looking for
    • Personalization and localization
      • Price based on the local region
    • Inventory and Fulfillment
      • How to surface inventory not in the store and leverage delivery options
    • You can now personalize just based on shopping history
      • People tend to buy the wrong thing and have to return
      • Do not want to show personalized content for the wrong things
    • How do you organize a site as large as Lowes with so many different product categories?
      • How do you align that with customer intent so they can find what they need quickly?
    • Results:
      • 11% increase in sale of in stock items
      • 40% increase in mobile revenue
      • 20% increase in average order value

Building Human Connections with Emotion, AI

Speaker: Rana el Kaliouby – Affectiva – Author of “Girl Decoded”

  • Emotions dictate how we interact with the world around us
  • How do we build human connections in a digital world
  • AI is taking on roles that were previously done by people.
  • We need a new social contract between people and AI
    • How do we trust each other?
  • Every day we make decisions that require trust
    • Trust is a social contract with empathy and emotional intelligence at the core
    • What if a computer could determine the difference between a smile and a smirk?
  • 93% of what we say is non-verbal
    • Only 7% is the actual words we use
      • No wonder we misunderstand people when they text or email
    • Affectiva is using AI to implement Ekman and Frieson facial action coding system
      • Takes over 100 hours of training to learn this technique
      • Takes 5 minutes to analyze 1 minute of video
      • Affectiva can read emotion in real-time
      • Worlds largest consensual face database
        • 7 million faces
        • 5 billion facial frames
      • How do we use the data that is captured?
        • Understand how people emotionally relate to content
        • Research shows that advertising that is progressive and inclusive is 25% more effective
        • Consumers are up to 4 times more likely to buy when they feel an emotional response to your product and advertising
      • Case Studies
        • Automotive industry
          • Detect when people are tired or distracted and take control of driving
        • Online Interviewing or public speaking
          • Detect when people are nervous and help them improve over time
        • AI is not here to take jobs
          • It is a partnership
          • Creating more jobs than it takes away
        • Concern for data privacy
          • Affectiva is committed to gathering and using data in ethical ways

Perficient Digital at Sitecore Symposium Day 2 Keynote

Perficient Digital team members enjoying the keynote on Day 2 of Sitecore Symposium.

At the end of the key, Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill announced the Ultimate Experience Awards – Asia Pacific, and Japan. Those award winners were Foodstuff North Island Ltd and Tohoku Electric Power Company. Below are the reasons for their awards:

  • Foodstuff North Island Ltd
    • Number of orders increased 170%
    • 158% increase in sales
    • Extended shopping experience to the web
    • Increased web traffic
  • Tohoku Electric Power Co
    • 244% increase in member acquisition
    • Reduced postage costs due to online billing

With today’s sessions still going strong, be sure to follow me for session reviews.

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