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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Sitecore Rules Engine


Jeffery Rondeau gave a great presentation on the Sitecore rules engine and showed some things you can do with it other than personalization.  My favorite was limiting the number of instances of a given component on a single page (think hero images). Here are my key takeaways:

  • What can you do with the Sitecore Rules Engine?
    • Personalize content
      • Most used and widely known use case
    • Control of how pages get built
      • Limit the number of renderings on a page
      • Limit the number of renderings per placeholder
      • Limit the number of a given module that can appear on a page
    • Data source location flexibility
    • Reusable conditions and actions
    • Improve placeholder settings
    • Manipulate data source locations
    • Auto-create content folders
  • Structure of rules
    • Located in master://system/settings/rules
    • Rule Elements Folders
      • A group of conditions and actions
      • Something that can evaluate to true or false
      • The things you want to do based on the condition
    • Tags
      • Gets custom conditions to show in the experience editor
    • Rule Context folders
      • Indicated by blue icons
      • Add you custom tag to the rule context item where you want you item to show
  • Example
    • Given a hero image component
    • Create a rule that says “when the number of hero images on the page is >= 1” then “remove the hero image rendering from the list of available renderings”
  • How do implement custom rules?
    • Extend the Sitecore placeholder rendering pipeline

Sitecore rules engine presenter
I really enjoyed this session. You can find Jeffery Rondeau on twitter. Also, feel free to follow me on twitter and keep up with more of my session reviews.

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