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Sitecore Symposium 2019: Blazing Fast Sitecore Sites


Time is money.  Therefore, a slow site can cause you to lose money.  At Sitecore Symposium, I learned about some goals for optimizing your performance, tools to help you measure, and suggestions to get you there.

Why performance matters

  • It affects your search rankings
  • It affects your bounce rates
    • 32% bounce rate when your performance drops from 1 second to 3 seconds
  • It affects your bottom line

Performance is the key to driving engagement

  • Personalization
  • Relevant content
  • Performance

Performance tools

Optimization considerations

  • Goal: Time to load first byte < 200ms
    • Offload to CDN
    • Optimize cache
    • Disable features you are not using
  • Full resource optimization
    • DNS
    • SSL handshake
    •  Connection
    • Download size
  • Calls to the origin server are slow and expensive (time-wise)

Optimization challenges

  • AJAX
  • Personalization
  • Cache invalidation

Optimization solutions

  • JAMStack: Pre-render pages
  • Netlify/Sitelify CDN: Move content closer to your customers
  • Akamai: CDN based personalization
  • Smart images
  • Change icons to SVG
  • PurifyCSS: Remove unused CSS
  • Load 3rd party Javascript after the DOM load event
  • Keep HTML and CSS simple: The more you have, the harder the client has to work

Hopefully, this gives you a little insight into how to have a blazing fast site. Check out my session review page for more tips and tricks from Sitecore Symposium.

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