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Sitecore Symposium: Day 1 Closing Keynote


The official day one of Sitecore Symposium 2019 was full of information. At the end of the day, Sitecore announced the ultimate experience award winners for the Americas region, while CEO Mark Frost gave a few additional thoughts on customer experience.
Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neil announced the Ultimate Experience Awards 2019 – Americas, Subway and United Health Group. Key takeaways from the award-winning sites included:

  • Subway
    • Reward program use rose 71%
    • Customized content increased orders 8%
    • Conversion rate rose 10% on desktop and 40% on mobile
  • United Health Group
    • Mobile Experience serves 50,000 per week with personalized content
    • Reduced hiring costs by 50%
    • Site ranked #14 job portal by Forbes

Then, Sitecore CEO Mark Frost delivered some ending thoughts on customer experience. He stated, “I want people to love the Sitecore brand and your brand.” Other key thoughts included:

  • Put the customer experience first
  • The goal is to create a memorable experience that evokes an emotional response and creates a human connection in a digital world
  • People that believe in a brand stay engaged with a brand for a longer time and spend more money with that brand
  • Customer experience improvement goals tend to have a positive impact on employee work culture and satisfaction

Overall, I had a great experience in day one and look forward to all the sessions throughout Sitecore Symposium. Check out my sessions review page for more updates.

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