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3 Key Benefits of Integrating Azure Bots with Back-end Systems

Digital Transformation

In this previous blog post, we discussed 3 ways you can leverage the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework and Bot Service to provide employees within your organization an improved self-service experience. Today, we’ll discuss how these tools provide an integrated environment that seamlessly connects your existing knowledge bases and back-end platforms to your end users – and why that matters.

Here are 3 key benefits of bot integration:

Unlocks Existing Investments

With Microsoft Azure Bot Framework and Bot Service, you can consolidate existing knowledge bases and drive usage of existing products, driving higher ROI from those investments. This not only minimizes or eliminates functional silos but also enables you to integrate with standard APIs.

Simplifies User Processes

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure Bot helps you eliminate unnecessary delays that often result from human interactions by automating those basic inquiries. Remember when we talked about using bots to provide employees with common benefits FAQs during open enrollment in our last blog post? The Azure Bot Framework and Bot Service not only pull data from disparate locations but aggregate that data to provide an improved experience during common interactions such as those FAQs. Plus, the bot integration enables end users to conduct these interactions on the application platform of their choice.

Provides More Efficient Support

Leveraging bot integration enables departments such as HR or IT, which field numerous repetitive questions or requests, to provide a more streamlined process and or deflect menial requests. This not only lowers support team costs by eliminating the need to manage and mine numerous ad hoc request channels. It also enables more meaningful interactions with requests that are truly unique. Plus, it also provides end users with a central channel from which to resource the information they are seeking. By pulling information from existing knowledge bases bots can provide improved context and even warm escalation hand-offs when the situation warrants.

If you are not considering bots as part of your organization’s digital transformation, you should be.  To learn even more about Microsoft Azure Bot Framework and Bot Service, check out our Building Microsoft Azure Self-Service Bots demo video now.

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Angie Clark, Alliance Manager, Microsoft

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