The Salesforce Team Spills: Why Perficient

What It’s Like Working at Perficient

Have you ever gotten off a team conference call and felt so powerful and inspired you were convinced your team could conquer the world?


It feels good, right?

Admittedly, while not every single call is like that (and a second cup of coffee by the declarer of that first sentence didn’t hurt), on the Salesforce team at Perficient, many are actually that good.

As we grow our team, it is important for us to share that along with the hard work, there is an incredible camaraderie that fosters the inspiration and motivation that allows us to bring the best possible solutions and noteworthy work to our clients.

We polled a few of the Salesforce team members across Perficient to share why they like being part of this team.


david wicklandDavid Wickland, Solution Architect, UI/UX Designer

Before Perficient, my role was primarily focused on the UI/UX side of delivery and services. Now, after working with such a talented and helpful team, I have learned so much about the declarative and business analysis side of the consulting practice. The opportunity to help in delivering big logo projects such as AMEX, GoPro, Nokia, Trend Micro, and OpenTable in incredible. Plus, I’m honored by the recognition our projects have received from Salesforce, social media, and the entire cloud ecosystem.

I work at Perficient because of the incredible opportunity to learn while on the job, flexible schedule, and diverse client portfolio. The best part about my job at Perficient is working with such a well-rounded and collaborative team who, not only helps resolve seemingly insurmountable issues, but also fosters a fun and innovative culture.

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andrew smithAndrew Smith, Solution Architect, UI/UX Designer

Before I started Perficient, I didn’t have a great team with a vast array of knowledge to tap into to help myself learn or help create successful products. I’m the proudest when my coworkers are happy to show off the work I’ve created, and that they’ve helped me create. By far the best part is the people I work with. Not only on a practical level (their abilities fill in the gaps in my knowledge, etc.), but their personal support and partnership help make every day that much better!

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meghan williamsMeghan Williams, Alliance Manager, Salesforce & MuleSoft Solutions

Perficient has allowed me to truly explore where I want to be in my career. In the past half-decade, I’ve had the chance to work on our software team, our sales team, and now combine my passions as an Alliance Manager within the channel team. I felt especially proud the day I listened to a client express her joy and success in working with our team.; we made her look like a “rockstar” to her organization, and that is exactly what we strive for!

I work at Perficient because of the talent on our team. We have some of the most skilled and passionate consultants here at Perficient. The best part about my job is easily the people — our talent and passion for what we do are what makes our clients successful.

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Marisa Lather Marisa Lather, Salesforce Marketing Manager

Technology and how it impacts our everyday lives has always been a fascinating topic to me personally, and with Perficient, I’m able to have one-on-one conversations with the thought leaders who are actually building and shaping the industry. Instead of only learning about things like artificial intelligence, organizational change management, and customer experience, I get to have hands-on experience implementing these topics into my everyday work-life — and the experts to turn to for more info (and they’re always happy to share!).

Each time the team has a go-live, it’s not just the people who worked on that project that feel good, it’s the whole team; everyone is there to rally, support, and celebrate the effort invested. Also, how cool is it to not be able to watch a television program or even drive down the street without seeing one of Perficient’s clients advertised. As a Hulu customer, I had to use the Help portal the other day and felt extra delighted knowing my team actually built it!

I am proud to be part of the Salesforce team because Perficient is a company with a reputation for excellence. I have been stopped multiple times in airports because people recognized my Perficient backpack and had a kind word to say. When the right people come together to deliver on a common goal, the magic and excitement are undeniable, and I feel lucky to witness that regularly across the teams at Perficient.

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Marisa Lather is the Employment Branding Marketing Manager at Perficient and is proudly dedicated to developing the Perficient culture. Known as @MarketerMarisa, she is a data-driven design thinker who specializes in creating aesthetic brand experiences that delight. With an inbound marketing specialization in multimedia content creation and engagement, she develops and executes omnichannel campaigns, blending online and offline worlds to create data-informed content and affinity-building experiences for brands. She is actively engaged in the national marketing community, blogs about modern business, personal development, marketing and more at, and speaks at conferences about around the country. Connect with Marisa on LinkedIn and follow @MarketerMarisa on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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