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New Adobe Sensei Technologies in Marketing

Anthony Ching from Adobe presented a session titled New Adobe Sensei Technologies to Power Your Marketing Lifecycle during Adobe Summit.  Only about half of the audience claimed to use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in their marketing lifecycle.  What inhibits others from using AI/ML?  Some people don’t have data scientists, while others didn’t think the technology was ready or available yet.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is the AI/ML capabilities built into Adobe Experience Cloud products.  Up to this point, these capabilities have been available only to Adobe engineers working on Adobe products.  In addition, Sensei acted only on data stored in the Adobe cloud.
Adobe realized that customers could take advantage of these capabilities and build their own models and also saw the need to allow other data to be included in the model.  To address those needs, Adobe has built Sensei into a framework that customers can use for their own needs.
In this framework, Adobe Sensei includes the following set of Intelligent Services:
Adobe Sensei Services
These services are currently in Beta for customers, but Adobe is already using them internally for their products.
As an example of how you can use these services, here is a chart for the Journey AI service:
Journey AI

Sensi Intelligent Services

Below we show each of the services, each of which can use multiple data sets coming from a variety of sources.

Customer AI

Customer AI
The customer AI services can be applied at an individual level, which leads to hyper-personalization.

Attribution AI

This service uses AI to calculate the impact of each touchpoint on the end result.  Ideally, this service provides a more reliable and accurate Attribution model for your marketing efforts.  Below are examples of the insights you can gain from the Attribution AI service:
Attribution AI

Media Mix Modeling Service

This service measures and explains the impact of marketing activities on performance and predicts the marketing budget mix required to maximize sales. Media Mix Modeling works side by side with Attribution to optimize sales and marketing spend as shown below:
Media Mix Modeling

Journey AI

Below are the capabilities provided by the Journey AI service:
Journey AI

Lead Scoring

This service uses ML to get data from multiple systems and identify the most qualified leads for B2B customers. Here is an example from Adobe themselves about the results they see with Sensei Lead Scoring:
Lead Scoring
Based on the results of the studies Adobe has done, they decided to use this service for all lead scoring within their own ABM efforts.
Adobe is accepting candidates for their beta program. Are you interested? You can request to participate by emailing

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