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Well, quite a bit.

Nothing moves faster these days than the digital marketing space. Whether you’re creating content, crafting strategy or all that and more –we all need a place to stay up to date on the latest and greatest. A home base, if you will. Brainjuice Box is that space. A place to build community, share stories and learn from each other.

So welcome home, friends. Consider this your new source for all things digital. We’ll feature the best that Brainjocks, now Perficient, has to offer and invite you to share your thoughts and insights as well. We’ve gathered experts on Martech, Strategy, and CX/UI/UX to post about what they’ve learned on their journeys through the digital world, and we’ll continue to feature the freshest voices and viewpoints to arm you with the knowledge you need.

Welcome to the Brainjuice Box. Now go grab your straws!

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