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Sitecore 10 2020

The Sitecore Sessions, Volume 1: Exploring Sitecore 10

Sitecore 10 is here! And with it comes some exciting new features - from improving the content experience to new analytics tools and evolving to a stronger integration with Content Hub.   With the release of Sitecore 10, our digital and content strategists at Perficient wanted to dig into the new features. Working with these strategists, Monique Anderson, a Perficient marketing […]

Brainjocks Dog Jockularity 1

Welcome to Jockularity

What’s so funny? You may have noticed our blog has a new name–goodbye Brainjuice Box, hello Jockularity! And many of you may be wondering “what’s up with that”? As we’ve grown this blog over the last few years, we’ve come to love this community even more than we thought we could. You’ve been an awesome […]

Welcome Epijocks@2x

Welcome to Epijocks

Brainjocks is globally known as a thought leader in content management. We approach CMS differently and our enablement focus is one that we promote on behalf of our customers throughout everything we do, including our technology development. In fact, we’ve been delivering a modularized approach to CMS based on the principles of atomic design for […]

Episerver Ascend 2019 Miami@1x

Ascend 2019 Recap – Miami

Ascend takes over Miami Beach Fountainebleu With an all new location this year, Episerver’s Ascend conference was held at the Miami Beach Fountainebleu the 27th-29th of October. Ascend is a three-day event for digital marketers, developers and commerce leaders to share strategies for driving growth through digital innovations.  We were proud to kick off their […]

Epi Score Background Brainjocks@1x

Announcing SCORE for Episerver!

A Perfect Pairing After more than 10 years as the premier accelerator on the market, we are excited to announce the addition of Episerver to our suite of platforms supported by our patented SCORE™ approach.  SCORE is our unique enablement approach to CMS that represents all the principles on how to deliver CMS effectively. These […]

Ccf Messages Contentspots@1x

Guide: Trigger CCF messages from elements in Content Spots

Score’s CCF (Component Communication Framework) allows Content Authors to use rendering parameters to easily control how components communicate with each other. For example, we can set the Button component to fire a CCF message when it is clicked.   But what if the button is inside a Content Spot? Can it still send and receive […]

Istock 1139813965

MedTouch Leaders Named 2018 Sitecore MVPs

MedTouch CEO Paul Griffiths and Chief Technology Officer Dan Persson have been named to the prestigious 2018 Sitecore MVP list. MedTouch is a thought leader in making Sitecore meaningful for hospitals and health plans. Dan was recognized for the third year in a row as a Sitecore MVP in Technology, which acknowledges technical leadership, aptitude, […]

direct-to-consumer sales

[Perspective] Is eCommerce the Future of Auto Sales?

Since 1898, the automotive industry has largely relied on the dealership network approach to sell its products. However, the concept of a direct-to-consumer sales model has become a bigger topic of conversation lately. The majority of the discussion hasn’t been about automotive companies opening physical locations or stores of their own to replace the dealerships, […]

Cloud Computing

Address Evolving Healthcare Challenges with Red Hat Cloud Solutions

The Only Constant is Change The healthcare landscape is continuously evolving and there is a lot to keep up with in order to be cutting-edge… or even just to stay current. New trends in healthcare such as value-based care, precision medicine, and consumerism mean that healthcare organizations need to adapt quickly and efficiently. Healthcare organizations […]


Healthcare Chatbots: 5 Steps to Strategic Success

Chatbots, text-based programs that help answer basic consumer questions, aren’t new. The first one was created in 1966. But in recent years, they’ve grown rapidly in business adoption and consumer usage as advances in artificial intelligence (AI) mean they can handle more questions, including those of increasing complexity. Unlike e-commerce and other industries, which have been […]

Data Privacy Challenges

The Role of Automotive OEM Websites: Drive Sales or Leads?

Since the dawn of digital, the consensus has been that the Tier 1 OEM site should drive leads for the dealer group, and the sales conversion should be the responsibility of the dealer. That line of thinking has been accepted as the standard, as the generation of a lead was the furthest down the funnel […]

Istock 488665080

Healthcare Marketing: 3 Secrets to Creating Blogs That Drive ROI

Many content strategists and marketing experts approach blog writing the same way: Identify your topic Interview your subject-matter expert (SME) Write your content It’s Information Gathering 101 — something that’s second nature to marketers. But does this process equate to effective blogs or, better yet, a conversion-centered content strategy? Writing healthcare content is difficult with […]

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