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Oracle Engagement Cloud – Top 5 UI Enhancements

The recent release of the Oracle engagement cloud has introduced many exciting new features to the cloud application enhancing the user experience with new UI features and functionality. Quite a few of these new features available in the engagement cloud application now are enhancements that were requested by many of our clients over the years.

If you are already familiar with the UI Layout and functionality of the Oracle sales cloud application, you will be able to appreciate the improvements made in engagement cloud to address some of the deficiencies in functionality that existed in the earlier versions

Although there are many new features that have been introduced, in this blog I would like to look at a few new features that I think will enhance the user experience and productivity of a user.

Larger display area

The UI screenshot below on the left is a R12 Oracle Sales Cloud User Interface and on the right, is the new engagement cloud User Interface. As you can see the engagement cloud UI Improves the usability of UI by optimizing the usage of vertical and horizontal space on the browser. The application displays optimum content on the landing and detail pages to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

The new format (shown by arrows below) also has named subtabs rather than pictures to identify them. In R12 users had to hover over the pictures to identify the name of the subtab.

Ability to open multiple SRs

A service agent sometimes works on multiple service requests at a time. In order to accommodate for this, multiple service requests can be opened at the same time.

This new user experience pattern was introduced with Oracle Engagement Cloud whereby multiple Service Requests can be opened at the same time, and they are shown as tabs are on the top of the service request page, one for each open service request.
Notice how the first tab always points to the service request list.

Column Management

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Prior to engagement cloud users did not have the ability to add /hide columns in the list layout; they only had the ability to reorder the columns in the layout.

Users now have the following additional functionality using the manage columns option to manage the columns displayed in list layouts

• Display new columns
• Hide columns
• Reorder columns
• Save column configurations

In addition, within Application Composer, sales administrators can define the default column order, select the columns that sales reps can manage and can define which columns are available for each object in the list.

Mass update within lists

You can now update one or more fields for multiple records at the same time from the list without having to drill-down on the individual records to make the update. Sales reps and managers can select list rows for update and edit updatable fields for accounts, contacts, assets, activities and custom objects in real time. Mass update for leads and opportunities was already available as part of a previous CX Sales release but this functionality is now available for all objects.

Administrators can enable the Update button for list pages and can configure which fields are available for mass update for each object.

Add search to subtabs – standard and custom

Engagement cloud now provides the ability to search on subtabs both standard and custom. In addition to a single default filter that comes out of the box, you can now add more filters to narrow the set of records displayed on the subtab.

In prior versions, we did not have this filter capability and configurable search for subtabs (sub objects). Users had to scroll the list vertically to find the records.

Please join us as we explore these and other great improvements to Oracle Sales Cloud with the introduction of R13 and Oracle Engagement Cloud.

Webinar Overview

• Key features of Engagement Cloud R13
• Core CX enhancements
• How the new Engagement Cloud helps improve customer engagement and loyalty

We hope to see you online Tuesday, January 23rd for this complimentary webinar.

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Sujiyit George, Technical Architect, Oracle CX

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