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Schedule Business Logic in Oracle Sales Cloud

In the Past In previous releases of OSC, if a record needs to update based on custom business logic then we may have to rely on external code that executes the logic and update the records in OSC through web services or update using batch data load. Now with R12 and R13, this approach has changed, […]

Integrate Oracle Sales Cloud w/ Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a cloud-based integration platform designed to perform integrations between cloud-based and on premise applications.  It is packaged with a growing list of application adapters which can be leveraged to greatly reduce the development effort and time.  These adapters are pre-built interfaces that can connect to different applications without coding. Perficient […]

Top 6 Tips for Successful Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation

As a CRM consultant that has been working with Oracle Sales Cloud since 2015 and has been actively involved in 8+ projects, here are the top 6 tips that I have learned in driving a successful Oracle Sales Cloud implementation: Requirements – With every project, it is critical to capture the business requirements that the […]

Adding Field Spacing on Detail/Summary Page in Oracle Sales Cloud

I’ve been involved in numerous Oracle Sales Cloud implementations. One of the most requested requirements is adding space between fields on a detail/summary page, for example, adding space below the ‘Account Name’ and ‘Lead Source’ fields. Oracle Sales Cloud does not currently support this feature. However, after working with our development team, we found a […]

Oracle Engagement Cloud – Top 5 UI Enhancements

The recent release of the Oracle engagement cloud has introduced many exciting new features to the cloud application enhancing the user experience with new UI features and functionality. Quite a few of these new features available in the engagement cloud application now are enhancements that were requested by many of our clients over the years. […]

Sales Setup Assistant: Speed Up Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation

Recently, Oracle updated Sales Setup Assistant utility that will speed up your initial Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) implementation by automating core setup tasks. Sales Setup Assistant is a wizard-driven client-side utility with user-friendly interface currently available on windows platform. The Sales Setup Assistant utility is designed to gather minimal input on the core sales setup […]

Setting Up Around Me Feature in Mobile App

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile Application has a nice feature in which you can select the Accounts, Opportunities and contacts that are located near your Location. Here are the quick steps to configure the Around Me Feature on your Mobile App: 1.Enable Geo-coding. Login to the Application and Navigate to set up and maintenance. Search for […]

Enabling True Customer 360 with Oracle Engagement Cloud [Webinar]

In the digital age, providing exceptional customer engagement is key to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Oracle Engagement Cloud, which combines Oracle’s leading sales and service capabilities, delivers cutting-edge features that support timely high-touch, high-value customer interactions. Customers can receive 24×7 knowledge and support through a digital device of their choice, and a through a […]

Importing Opportunity Revenue with Product Group and Item

Introduction This blog describes the process of importing opportunity revenue lines with the product group and inventory item using file import. In this discussion, we will be importing only opportunity line item and not the opportunity header. We would also discuss on the inventory item and UOM (Unit of Measure) and how to get UOM […]

Oracle Sales Cloud: In-depth Look at Release 12 [Webinar]

Release 12 of Oracle Sales Cloud is just around the corner and with it comes some great improvements that make it an even more compelling solution for enabling modern sales in the cloud. Oracle Engagement Cloud is the crown jewel of the release, combining Oracle’s leading sales and service capabilities. From a single screen, users […]

Oracle BI Apps and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration

In a previous post, I described how the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) integrates with Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  For users of on premise Oracle BI, there are other methods of integrating with Fusion Apps.  The easiest of which is Oracle BI Applications 11g as it comes with prebuilt content, data warehouse and ODI ETL […]

Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Overview

Oracle provides multiple ways of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  Oracle HCM Cloud, CX Cloud, SCM Cloud and Cloud ERP all have Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) built into the application.  In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) can also access Oracle Cloud application data and load it into the BICS Database via Data Sync.  While […]

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