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Trust Issues: How to Build Consumer Confidence Online

Trust Issues How To Build Consumer Confidence Online

The internet can be a scary place. And some of your shoppers may have been burned in the past by unsecured sites or shady businesses. And this can make people uneasy moving forward with other sites. 58% of consumers claim to have dropped out of a check-out process because of security concerns.

To help combat the trust issues some consumers have with websites, be transparent and forthright with information that matters to them. How do you know what’s the most important information to your customers? Use polls, surveys, and live chat to talk to customers and understand their biggest concerns and questions. Remember to speak their language as well. Listen to how your customers describe your products and services when they talk to you and use that language on your site. You might be tempted to build your pages in SEO language – don’t do it. Describe your products in their language. This gives a sense of comfort and familiarity with your company and products.

How else can you instill confidence in a buyer?

Make it easy for them to contact you, and give them multiple ways to do it. Your shopping experience should be secure, so display those security badges so shoppers are confident in giving your payment details. Include reviews from past purchasers. Let buyers know that you have a track record of happy customers. As important as it is to use all of these methods to build trust, it’s equally as important to make them available and easy to find. Never make a visitor go out of their way to learn that they should trust you. Highlight information like your return policy on the product page itself. Don’t require that they go out of their purchase path to find it.

To achieve this goal, consider adding a “Shop with Confidence” box to your product pages that include your shipping policy, return policy, security information, or other confidence-building content.

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