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Period End Close 123 in Oracle Cloud ERP

The Period End Close Challenge As an EBS consultant for the last 20 years, one of the hardest parts of my job has been explaining the period end process. The reconciliation reports, roll forwards, the disparate screens, lack of consistency across the modules. Don’t get me started on inventory, with its archaic requirement to close […]

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Oracle ERP Cloud Security – Move the Needle

Whether you’re a seasoned EBS Consultant with 20 years of expertise or a veteran EBS system administrator, surely by now you consider yourself an expert on system administration, setting up responsibilities, assigning operating units, building those MOAC security profiles. With upgrades from 10 to 11 to 12, you’ve easily been able to keep up with […]

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Cloud SCM – Order Management – Real Time, On Time, All The Time

19 years of Consulting in Oracle Applications and 10 years of industry experience have taught me one thing: Your customers remember you for what you deliver, not for what you promised. On-time delivery, meeting your promises – that is the key to success. Fall short, deliver a day late, send out a broken box, or […]

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Need to Upload BAI2 Bank Statements? (Pt. 3)

In my previous blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2), I reviewed the steps to configure the system, so it will read the bank transaction codes. Now I will review the import and upload process, which is the final step in manually loading your bank statements. The process is very simple because it is similar […]

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Need to Upload BAI2 Bank Statements? Here’s How (Pt. 2)

Now that you know where you need to add transaction codes in your Fusion instance, you must now make sure you classify them appropriately. In case you don’t already know, Oracle reads bank statements at both the header and line level, so you must add the codes to the proper mapping groups in the Manage […]

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Need to Upload BAI2 Bank Statements? Here’s How (Pt. 1)

Throughout my career as a consultant, I have run into several clients that want to manually load their bank statements into Oracle. Since the implementation of electronic uploads can be time-consuming as well as out of the budget for some, there is a way around this. Loading bank statements manually can be done in the […]

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Period Close: Tips for Closing the Ledger (Fusion)

Closing the General Ledger is the final step in the period close process. Now that we have reviewed the close process for the Financials subledgers (see previous blogs), you will now see how it all comes together in the ledger. Steps that are not included in this review are those involving the Procurement and Project […]

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Period Close: Tips for Closing Cash Management (Fusion)

When closing Cash Management, the steps can slightly vary depending on whether or not your business has automatic or manual bank statements and reconciliations. The overall process is as follows for either process being used: Load bank statements as your business process requires, whether this be manual or automatically from your bank. Reconcile the statements. […]

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Period Close: Tips for Closing Fixed Assets (Fusion)

Closing the Fixed Assets module should be a quick and painless process each month. As most Oracle ERP users know, the module only allows for one period to be opened at a time, and once you close the period you can never re-open it again. I guess this can be both a good and bad […]

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Period Close: Closing Receivables (Fusion)

Closing the Receivables period is as simple as closing the Payables period. Some may even say it’s simpler. The following steps are best practice for performing this monthly process: Open the new Receivables period. Run the Create Accounting process. This ensures that everything that is outstanding is accounted for and ready to close out. Be […]

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Oracle BI Apps and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration

In a previous post, I described how the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) integrates with Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  For users of on premise Oracle BI, there are other methods of integrating with Fusion Apps.  The easiest of which is Oracle BI Applications 11g as it comes with prebuilt content, data warehouse and ODI ETL […]

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Oracle Project Financials Cloud [Webinar Q&A]

Perficient recently held a webinar on Oracle Project Financials Cloud, part of the Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud solution. At the close of the event we had some great questions posed by the attendees that Stuart Massey, General Manager Oracle ERP at Perficient, fielded that are worth sharing. Is Oracle Project Financials Cloud integrated with […]

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Period Close: Tips for Closing Payables (Fusion Cloud)

When closing the Payables period, there are some helpful reports to run that help in the reconciliation process. Even though there are plenty of other reports that can be used during period close, the Payables to Ledger Reconciliation report is the most helpful reconciliation tool available because it allows the user to drill into the […]

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Oracle Project Financials Cloud in 9 Weeks

Oracle Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Cloud is an integrated solution from Oracle designed for project-centric businesses looking to improve the way they manage projects.  Project Financials Cloud, a key solution in the suite, is designed to streamline planning, budgeting, forecasting and cost capture. Imagine unprecedented financial visibility and control over your projects, services such as project […]

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Closing the Books? Follow This Order!

The Period Close process can be a tedious and time-consuming task that can be the biggest headache for many. I have compiled a list of each subledger/module, along with the order of which to close them, as well as suggested reports to use to make the closing process a breeze. After all, it’s hard to […]

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Lose Financial Report Data? Try This Simple Fix!

As we all know P2T (production to test) copies happen frequently within a project timeline and after Go Live. Some files tend to ‘disappear’ or lose important data after a P2T. There are some simple fixes to this issue, with the first being that you need to start saving these files locally. If they are […]

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Managing Suppliers Has Never Been Easier Thanks to FBDI!

As I have discussed before, FBDI is the best tool for loading mass amounts of data. When you’ve got a client that has thousands of suppliers – which let’s be honest, they all do – then FBDI is your best friend. Instead of manually entering the data into the system one click at a time, […]

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Best Practices for loading Oracle Cloud App Data into BICS

My last post on BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture described how BICS Data Sync 2.2 can read the OTBI metadata to allow for near real time trickle feeds from Oracle Cloud Applications. As I described in that post, there are multiple ways to load data from the Oracle Cloud Applications into BICS.  The […]

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Manage Administrator Profile Values: Troubleshooting in Fusion

The Manage Administrator Profile Values task in Setup and Maintenance is an excellent tool for troubleshooting issues throughout any of the Fusion applications. There have been several scenarios where access levels have been removed or a simple configuration may have been missing. For a majority of these scenarios, the answer was found in this task […]

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Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture

In my last post, I described the methods of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  In that post I illustrated the advantage of using BICS and Data Sync to provide a true Enterprise Data Warehouse due to its abilities to integrate data from all our your cloud, relational, big data and flat file sources.  This […]

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