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Using OSN for Collaboration in Cloud (Part 1)

Oracle Social Network is a great tool to use in any environment because it gives users the ability to collaborate and communicate with teammates throughout the workday. What is so great about it is that users are able to share with each other anything they are working on as well as chatting within the environment via the “Social” page.

Here are 5 tips for using the OSN that I find useful include the following:

  1. Use the Groups option that allows you to create chatroom-like discussions within your team. This can be helpful when your team is working on a time-sensitive project and need to stay updated without clogging up each others email inboxes.
  2. Ensure the visibility status of your conversations are set correctly. For instance, if you want all users to see what you are posting (maybe you are the CFO and would like to share an important financial update with the team) you can set the visibility status to ‘Visible to any user’. If this is a post that you only want members in your group to see, set the status to ‘Only visible to members’.
  3. Complete your profile details in the “My Wall” tab. If you work for a company that has many users/employees and collaborates through the OSN frequently, it can help others filter who works in what department or who a good point of contact would be for any circumstances. The “My Wall” page also has a tab called Documents where you can post any work-related or reference materials you feel the need to share in your user profile.
  4. Use the “Conversations” tab to not only discuss in real-time with coworkers, but to create conference calls via WebEx or other telecommunication tools. This can be handy if the team needs to schedule a quick call to regroup on current-day tasks.
  5. Download the recent conversations into an offline briefcase, which is conveniently provided by Oracle, to review the conversation and add to it. The great part about downloading any conversation into a separate briefcase is that anything you add to it will automatically be uploaded to the OSN as soon as you are back online. This seems to be one of the most convenient features of the OSN, in my opinion.

Check back next week as I review 5 more great tips to using the OSN within your Fusion Cloud instance. As mentioned earlier, this tool is great for any application that it can be enabled through. Feel free to read the documents available on the Oracle Social Network through this week.

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