What Are The Biggest Personalization Challenges?

PPC AudiencesIn a recent interview with Robert Sumner, principal of Perficient’s Adobe practice, we discussed first steps to create a personalization strategy for digital experience platforms. Proper planning is necessary, but executing a digital strategy isn’t as easy as flipping a switch.
In our discussion, we also talked about creating personalization scenarios and the implications of this at time of deployment. One of the challenges many companies face is that they tend to have multiple target audience segments which then requires multiple personalization scenarios.
Sumner expands on this thought here:
Additionally, a report from Webtrends reveals that digital marketers face other challenges when it comes to implementing a personalization strategy:

  • Lack of organizational alignment and unclear priorities – 76% of marketers stated this is the biggest hurdle preventing them from achieving digital marketing objectives.
  • Limited marketing budgets – 68% of companies stated lack of funds is an issue, even though an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets are slated for digital strategy.
  • Scarce skills and resources – 66% of companies believe they don’t have enough people to meet their digital marketing goals, and 57% stated that lack of digital marketing expertise of their current staff stands in their way.
  • Available technology – 62% of marketers said that not having the right technology in place prevents them from delivering a personalized experience.

With the evolution of social media platforms and the explosion of mobile technology use, you’re well aware that creating personalized, 1 to 1 interactions with the customer is essential to remain competitive.
You don’t have to go it alone on your digital marketing journey. We’re ready to help you navigate your transformation. If you’re headed to Adobe Summit next week, stop by and talk to our team in booth #530. You can also follow Perficient team members on Twitter during the event, @Perficient.

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