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CRM 2013 – Changes the Way You Will Interact with your Customers

Just attended an overview of the next release of CRM, known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, which will be released in October 2013. Many new ideas and thoughts about how the product is evolving based on the changing market place. In particular: 

1. Reimagined experience 

2. Process agility 

3. CRM on the go and social in context 

 Connecting with customers is more complicated than ever and thus Microsoft is focusing on seven key areas. 

1. Experience 

3. Mobility 

4. Productivity 

5. Collaboration 

6. Extensibility 

7. Social 

The new user interface is colorful, cleaner and more alive then it has ever been. If you have used recently (formerly known as Hotmail) you have some idea of what the new user interface looks and feels like. Initially CRM 2013 will be available online as part of the Office 365 cloud based system. For those who already use Office 365 this is a no brainer game changer for your organization. The cloud is key to making this very easy for customers.  


Little things to enable users to be more productive. Key information that remain above the fold only, social collaboration, process driven user interface. Other things like inline quick creates, less pop-ups and completing activities directly on the forms. This continues to be multi-browser and will work on any device. This is done through a new application available to download initially for Microsoft and iOS. 

Stand by for more updates and preview events. It is an exciting time for Microsoft CRM and will be for the customers who utilize it.

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Robert Fitzer

As part of Perficient's Microsoft National team I manage our CRM practice. As part of the Microsoft practice senior leadership team I am focused on the stewardship of our Microsoft xRM/CRM Practice. The primary objectives of our Microsoft Practices are to drive consistent and successful sales and delivery of solutions within the CRM solution space across all Perficient business units. Areas of responsibility include: partner management, sales and marketing and delivery & staff enablement.

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