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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Best Practice: Personalization is Key

My last post focused on knowing your audience and the importance of tailoring marketing messages to them. In this post I will focus on best practices for utilizing Dynamics 365 Marketing to leverage personalize SMS campaigns, promote relevant events, and optimize campaigns in real time. Unlock the Power of Personalized SMS For as advanced as […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Best Practice: Know Your Audience

My last post focused on optimizing email campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. In this post I will focus leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to know your audience and communicate to them personally. Know Your Audience Today’s consumers expect a more personalized experience with your organization. 74% of marketers agree that targeted messages and personalization […]

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Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Marketers – Email Campaign Basics

Our previous post highlighted the challenges healthcare marketers are facing today. In this post we will highlight how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help healthcare marketers manage the basics of email marketing campaigns. How often do you receive an email with inconsistent spacing, fonts, and other formatting issues? Does it inspire you with confidence when […]

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Every Version of the Microsoft Dynamics Family Explained

I love Microsoft. Between their powerful technology and comprehensive support, I’m never left wanting for functionality or help. But with a legacy of great products as large as theirs—which includes upgrades, updates, and versions of most of their platforms and packages—it’s easy even for hardened Microsoft veterans to get lost in the verbiage and name […]

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Did Amazon Just Help Microsoft Solve One of Their Biggest Challenges?

Amazon Connect and Dynamics 365 Microsoft and the contact center—it’s been an on-again, off-again relationship. While Microsoft has tried various strategies and tactics to grab a greater stake in the contact center world, it’s safe to say they haven’t exactly been an industry disrupter. Last year, Amazon entered the contact center market in a big way with […]

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Amazon Connect: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Dip Quick Start

Perficient released Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Dip Quick Start for Amazon Connect in partnership with AWS. This Quick Start allows organizations to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Amazon Connect contact center on the AWS Cloud. Once deployed, the integration enables Dynamics account lookup from Amazon Connect contact flows, as well as adding call notes to Dynamics […]

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Amazon Is at It Again

This Time it’s in the Contact Center with Amazon Connect. Contact Centers are complex, expensive, and require time from small pool of expensive engineers who have a unique set of skills on a specific platform. Right?  Wrong. A few weeks ago, we produced a video demonstrating the self-service capabilities of Amazon Connect using Amazon Lex, […]

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Scheduling Between Bookings and Dynamics 365 through Exchange

Sometimes, two great tools need some help to work together. Microsoft Bookings is a relatively new appointment-booking app in Office 365 focused on small, appointment-oriented businesses. Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s enterprise-level app focused on helping sales-oriented businesses create and track business relationships from leads to opportunities to clients. As of now, getting these two helpful […]

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Automatic Dynamics 365 Case updates with AWS Pinpoint

In this blog post, we take Dynamics 365 case automation with Amazon Connect to the next level. Using Amazon Connect and AWS services, we enabled callers to simply dial in to check their case status, or open a new case. Now, we allow users to opt-in for an additional service. As soon as their case […]

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Amazon Connect: Automate Dynamics 365 Case Checks

Amazon Connect integration with Amazon Lex extends the classic contact center experience using conversational bots. As a result, a self-service experience can be implemented to automate repetitive tasks, such as checking what’s the status of a service case or filling in collateral information. In this video, we show how to leverage Amazon Connect to check […]

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Create a Dynamics CRM Case based on Amazon Connect self-service interaction

Companies providing customer care often require multiple supporting IT systems to achieve the high standards they strive for. This implies usage of telephony services, contact center platforms, CRM and WFM solutions, etc. Using 5 – 10 separate solutions to handle a single client interaction may become confusing and time-consuming for agents. How many times a […]

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Using Flow for Dynamics 365 Record Creation

The ability to automatically create records in Dynamics 365/CRM based on an email received has been possible for quite some time.  In most instances, without the use of a custom workflow activity or plugin, the processing of the content of the email is limited to the To, From, Subject and Body, where the email Body […]

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Office 365 Groups Roadmap Announcement – Ignite 2015

You will find some exciting announcements and investments, but before we discuss the future roadmap, let’s dive in to background and benefits of Groups. The world has changed Earlier – Information moves slowly. Fixed workforces; siloed teams. Believed in command and control Now – information travels fast. Leverage the on demand; global talent pool. Always […]

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Busy Pre-Build week for Microsoft and Azure!

The Microsoft Build Conference is set to kick off next week but the company got off to an early start this week with several different announcements. Windows Azure now generally available in China This may not sound like a huge accomplishment worthy of being called out individually but a little known fact is that Windows […]

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Webinar Replay: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Engagement

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar, “How Memorial Hermann is Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Engagement.” Guest speaker Kevin Kelly, manager of online marketing at Memorial Hermann, and Perficient’s Robert Fitzer, a senior solutions architect and Microsoft CRM practice lead, demonstrated how Memorial Hermann leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM to handle community outreach, call center […]

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Dynamics CRM for Patient Engagement: Memorial Hermann Case Study

Perficient recently worked with Memorial Hermann Health System, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to handle community outreach, call center management and specialty patient onboarding. Here is an excerpt from the case study describing the challenge: …the management of disparate systems had become an increasingly arduous task. The marketing department wished to consolidate all data into an […]

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Memorial Hermann Uses Dynamics CRM for Patient Engagement Webinar

Most would agree that it’s critical to leverage technology solutions that’ll increase your competitive advantage while decreasing your costs. Healthcare organizations are doing just that, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to reduce inefficiencies, optimize care plans and improve financial management. To learn more about customer relationship management (CRM), and specifically what your organization can accomplish using […]

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What’s Changed in CRM 2013?

Many people have been asking me lately, “So, what is new in the new version of CRM?” Microsoft recently released an overview of the new items for CRM 2013. This will be release for both on-premises and online in October 2013. Very exciting changes coming including four key themes of: Redesigned user experience Process agility CRM on […]

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Final Stages for the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

The latest from Microsoft concerning the next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2013) scheduled to be released in October 2013. This documentation (Release Preview Guide) contains the latest information as of this morning from Microsoft about what will be contained in the release. As you can see above it contacts the key these me have been […]

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CRM 2013 – Changes the Way You Will Interact with your Customers

Just attended an overview of the next release of CRM, known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, which will be released in October 2013. Many new ideas and thoughts about how the product is evolving based on the changing market place. In particular:  1. Reimagined experience  2. Process agility  3. CRM on the go and social […]

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