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I am an experienced Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Lead, Solution Architect, Consultant and Advisor. Through my career, I have become viewed as a valued thought leader in the industry, with solid skills in leading teams to implement successful digital marketing programs in the Adobe ecosystem. I am also a PMC Member of the Apache Sling project, which is the basis for Adobe's Experience Manager product, this allows me unique insight into the AEM platform.

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New from Perficient: ACS AEM Commons Audit Log Search

On a recent project, we had some issues around go-live where production content was being overwritten, deleted or changed. We needed to figure out what was causing these issues quickly, as this was affecting author productivity and could potentially cause content issues if the wrong content went live. At the time, we used queries in […]

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Custom Adobe Analytics Tracking Using Google Tag Manager

On a recent project, I’d gotten an interesting request to implement custom Adobe Analytics tracking for a web application using Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tag management. The customer already used Google Tag Manager for tracking AdSense and other ad tools but they had a legacy implementation of Adobe Analytics that they wanted to use […]

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3 Scripts to Make AEM Compaction Easy

When provisioning a new AEM 6.0-6.2 environment, one of the first things you should configure is a TarMK compaction process. This process will remove deleted content from the underlying data store and compress the size of the AEM repository on the disk. This is especially important in the lower environments up front as they will […]

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Perficient’s Experts at Adobe Summit AEM Rockstars Session

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be presenting at Adobe Summit during the AEM Rockstars session. This session will feature five AEM Rockstars presenting the top-voted tips, tricks and strategies from this year. I will be presenting on using Sling Models to integrate Adobe Experience Manager and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This talk will […]

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Updating Page Titles with AEM LiveCopy

In my previous post about AEM LiveCopy, I showed how this powerful tool could be used to manage multiple variant-based sites such as dealer or branch sites. Recently, I found another trick which can help make LiveCopy even more powerful and easy to use. Why Isn’t My Title Updating?? By default, AEM excludes certain properties from […]

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Making Your Digital Marketing Project a Cake

Many projects are incorrectly scheduled or structured, resulting in wasted effort, missed requirements and even project failure. A properly scheduled and structured digital marketing project drastically increases the probability of the project to succeed. This problem applies to many digital marketing projects, including websites, apps, email campaigns and more. So what does a properly structured and […]

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Clearing AEM’s JSP Cache in your Jenkins Build

AEM really likes caching you compiled JSPs. This can be a problem as you are developing code, especially when working on dependencies. Every so often you may forget to include a dependency in a bundle or include the wrong version. Because of AEM’s JSP caching, even after fixing your dependency, you may see something like […]

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Managing AEM Packages from the CLI

After the umpteenth time of having to check this excellent reference of the cURL commands for AEM to upload a package, I finally thought “this is silly”. So, I created a small script to make it easier to manage packages via the command line. The AEM Package Manager is just that, a small script to help you manage scripts […]

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Rise of the Millennials: How a New Generation is Shaping B2B Marketing

Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce in early 2015. The rise of the Millennials in the workspace will have a profound impact on how companies operate. At the same time, many organizations fail to anticipate how this generation will change B2B commerce. Millennials approach information sources differently than previous generations. This, coupled with their increased customer experience expectations presents […]

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AEM Mobile on Tour!

AEM Mobile is going on Tour! Anton Zuponcic and Lynn Brading from Perficient will be traveling the US to demonstrate Perficient’s groundbreaking implementation of AEM Mobile. This powerful new technology brings the ease of managing web content into mobile apps, allowing organizations to share and reuse content across all of their digital marketing platforms. Click […]

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