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SharePoint Workflow End of Life in 2020: Migrate Your Workflows to Power Automate

If you’re reading this you’ve likely heard the news that both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows days are limited.  In fact, just next month you’ll no longer be able to create your SharePoint Designer based workflows in a new tenant.  Chris McNulty, Sr Technical Product Manager from Microsoft provided the detail in an article […]

W Is For Workflow

W is for Workflow

From drafting content, submitting it for approval, content approvals to creating new variables workflows can help keep our heads on straight.

Why Gather Content Rocks

Why GatherContent Rocks!

When redesigning a website, organizing content can be a bear. GatherContent can help keep things structured and streamlined.

Features That Will Make You Love AEM 6.3 Workflows

In earlier releases of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), there’s no way of knowing whether the editing page is in the workflow process. Authors need to go into workflow inbox to look and see if they have any pages/items assigned as part of the workflow. With the release of AEM 6.3, Adobe has increased productivity with […]

Implementing a Global Website Use Case with Liferay DXP

Liferay is well known as portal software, and they have released a new generation of the platform which is named Liferay DXP. It has very solid Content Management System (CMS) functionality as the core product. In addition, you can find lots of features via its official site which provides better digital experience and social collaboration. […]

Implementing Liferay Workflow with Kaleo

Liferay provides the Kaleo Workflow engine to allow the user to define simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface. Those processes will involve various types of users, groups, and roles. In fact, you don’t have to write a single line of code to accomplish this: all you have […]

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Setting Workflow on All Templates Using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions

The other day I had a requirement where I had to implement a new workflow on a Sitecore implementation. All of the existing templates needed to begin using this new workflow. As I’m a developer, every time I need to perform an action that is repetitive, I think about ways to automate it. In this case, since there were a few templates that needed to be updated, I thought about creating a simple Sitecore PowerShell script to update all of them.

The Power of Transient Workflow in AEM

When a workflow executes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it stores workflow runtime information in the JCR repository under the instance node. This feature is useful when auditing is required on each step of the workflow status. The downside of this feature is the growth of the repository size, as a large repository can eventually inhibit performance and cause disk […]

4 Reasons to Consider the IBM Maximo 7.6.06 Upgrade

IBM recently introduced the latest feature pack for Maximo 7.6.06. Here are the newly included items that might help you consider upgrading: Improved Workflow Designer, License Monitor, BIM, SR Work Center. The New Workflow Designer Ever had Java applet version conflicts with Maximo and other apps? Sure, we all have unfortunately. Thankfully IBM has updated […]

How to Create SP 2013/Online Custom Task Outcomes using VS

It’s little tricky when it comes to creating Custom Task Outcomes using Visual Studio as there are quite a few steps to keep in mind in order to successfully build your workflow project. I have hit quite the same road blocks as many developers across the forum are now facing. So in this walk through, I will share my experiences and necessary actions […]

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Content-First Strategy Using SCORE

Being a creative while working at a highly skilled dev firm has provided me a lot of insight on how workflows are changing for the better. The days of building sites from high fidelity compositions are fading fast. Development teams no longer have to wait for “signed off” wireframes and designs before getting started. Content, after all, is […]

Oracle EBS Journal Entry Approval Workflow R12.1.3

The intent of this document is provide the reader with a fundamental understanding of Oracle’s Journal Entry Approval Workflow enriched with lessons learned from actual implementations.  Matt Makowsky is an Oracle Financial Applications Consultant with 17 years experience and a Senior Solutions Architect with Perficient.  Feel free to ask him any questions in the comments section […]

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