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Features That Will Make You Love AEM 6.3 Workflows

In earlier releases of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), there’s no way of knowing whether the editing page is in the workflow process. Authors need to go into workflow inbox to look and see if they have any pages/items assigned as part of the workflow. With the release of AEM 6.3, Adobe has increased productivity with […]

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Implementing a Global Website Use Case with Liferay DXP

Liferay is well known as portal software, and they have released a new generation of the platform which is named Liferay DXP. It has very solid Content Management System (CMS) functionality as the core product. In addition, you can find lots of features via its official site which provides better digital experience and social collaboration. […]

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Implementing Liferay Workflow with Kaleo

Liferay provides the Kaleo Workflow engine to allow the user to define simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface. Those processes will involve various types of users, groups, and roles. In fact, you don’t have to write a single line of code to accomplish this: all you have […]

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The Power of Transient Workflow in AEM

When a workflow executes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it stores workflow runtime information in the JCR repository under the instance node. This feature is useful when auditing is required on each step of the workflow status. The downside of this feature is the growth of the repository size, as a large repository can eventually inhibit performance and cause disk […]

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4 Reasons to Consider the IBM Maximo 7.6.06 Upgrade

IBM recently introduced the latest feature pack for Maximo 7.6.06. Here are the newly included items that might help you consider upgrading: Improved Workflow Designer, License Monitor, BIM, SR Work Center. The New Workflow Designer Ever had Java applet version conflicts with Maximo and other apps? Sure, we all have unfortunately. Thankfully IBM has updated […]

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How to Create SP 2013/Online Custom Task Outcomes using VS

It’s little tricky when it comes to creating Custom Task Outcomes using Visual Studio as there are quite a few steps to keep in mind in order to successfully build your workflow project. I have hit quite the same road blocks as many developers across the forum are now facing. So in this walk through, I will share my experiences and necessary actions […]

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Oracle EBS Journal Entry Approval Workflow R12.1.3

The intent of this document is provide the reader with a fundamental understanding of Oracle’s Journal Entry Approval Workflow enriched with lessons learned from actual implementations.  Matt Makowsky is an Oracle Financial Applications Consultant with 17 years experience and a Senior Solutions Architect with Perficient.  Feel free to ask him any questions in the comments section […]

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Nintex acquisition means tighter Salesforce integration with O365

With the acquisition of Drawloop, we should expect to see additional capabilities added to Salesforce and Office 365 / SharePoint. In terms of Office 365 and SharePoint, Nintex is planning to add document generation (docGen) to the platform. And with SalesForce, we should see tighter coupling to the O365 space, and workflow and form automation […]

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Guest Post: Extend Business Processes to the Cloud with Nintex

Note: Today’s blog post comes from Vadim Tabakman, Technical Evangelist for Nintex with over 8 years of experience in SharePoint and Nintex technologies. He understands how SharePoint, business process automation and forms can join forces successfully in numerous industries and business scenarios to drive business adoption and succeed in SharePoint projects. Vadim brings an excellent […]

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Top Tips for SharePoint Success

This guest post is brought to you by our friends and partner, K2. For more than a decade, K2 has been helping customers rapidly transform their companies with applications that connect the right people to the right information and work. With offices and distributors all over the globe and a powerful partner network, more than […]

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Using Nintex Workflow to Reduce Time & Effort (Matt Morse video)

Matt Morse, director of Perficient’s Customer Experience team,  shares how the Perficient team used Nintex’s Workflow 2010 to reduce the amount of time needed to create a workflow to manage a publishing process for a Healthcare client in this short video.  Leveraging Nintex’s Workflow 2010 allowed the Perficient team to quickly create workflows for the […]

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Multi Task Activity for Parallel Workflow Tasks in SharePoint

Sometime ago I came across the issue of handling multiple tasks in parallel. Turned out Windows Workflow Foundation provides a friendly replicator activity. So I decided to use it to develop a workflow that upon kick off reads items from other lists for assignment, business areas and notification lists and spawn multiple tasks dynamically in […]

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Customizing Sitecore Workflow Emails

My colleague Candace recently wrote a guest post on Workflow Security in Sitecore, where she referenced the common desire of a Content Manager to have intelligent, context-specific emails generated around Sitecore Workflows.  Here’s her follow up on how to produce such emails. Sitecore provides email functionality out of the box with its workflows.  It’s really […]

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Workflow Security in Sitecore

The following is a guest post written by Candace, a colleague of mine who is also a part of the Perficient Sitecore Competency Center. Initially, I found setting up a workflow in Sitecore confusing and frustrating.  I hope this article helps you avoid some of that frustration.  Chapter 3 of the Workflow Reference is fairly clear […]

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Liferay Dynamic Data Lists

Liferay is introducing Dynamic Data Lists in v 6.1 .  Also known as User Data Lists, they are kind of similar to Microsoft SharePoint Lists.  The idea behind the lists is to allow end users to create simple applications without the need for custom development. In fact, Liferay says that 80% of the simple applications […]

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SharePoint 2010: Getting Workflows for a List From the JavaScript Client Object Model

All over the web, there are plenty of links to how to interact with SharePoint 2010 via the Client Object Model. Unfortunately, these interactions are all done via the compiled Client Object Model, not the Silverlight or JavaScript versions. That means you have to do the translation to JavaScript or Silverlight yourself. For Silverlight, that’s […]

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Lotusphere: Whats New with IBM Forms and Workflow

When I look at Forms products I see a huge return on investment especially if it can be paired with an easy to use workflow tool.  Just as the market continues to evolve, IBM continues to work on their Forms tools. What’s New IBM renamed it to IBM Forms.  It is now the Forms tool […]

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Healthcare User Experience and the Importance of Reimbursement

As a user experience designer, my goal is to help design products and software that are as easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use as possible. A critical part of this design process involves understanding the needs of the various stakeholders–everything from the need for end users to be able to use the product without hassle […]

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Lotus Forms Now Has a Workflow Engine

Whenever you have a form, you more than likely also need a workflow.  I would bet that 70% of the time a human based workflow would be sufficient and that 30% of the time you need a tool that handles both human workflow (review the form, make changes, and approve it) as well as computer […]

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