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What Does HCL Buying IBM Portal Mean to You?

You may have heard that in December 2018, HCL Technologies agreed to acquire several software assets from IBM, including Lotus Notes, Domino, IBM Portal and IBM Commerce. These have all been long term investments by IBM and have had strong customer support for many years. What many people don’t know is that IBM has been […]

IBM Connect: Web Experience Platform Strategy and Roadmap

Rob Will, Chief Architect for the Portal platform at IBM, always has a wealth of information about the product and where they are going.  He presented on the platform strategy and roadmap.  Here’s the session notes. Have been in the portal business for about 13 years.  A lot has changed in that time.  Today, portals […]

In Depth Primer on IBM Portal Themes

I’m doing some research on all things branding and theming with IBM’s WebSphere Portal for a client.  I ran across this in depth article at Base 22.  Cody Burleson has taken a lot of time to document it so I thought I’d point some of you his way.   Cody has also compiled a list […]

IBM WebSphere Portal Gets Connects Profiles and Files

Buried in some of the many announcements IBM puts out on a weekly basis, you will find that they just changed the entitlements for two of their baseline portal packages.  Both Portal Enable and Portal Extend now include the ability to use the profiles and file services from the social networking tool, IBM Connections.  Here’s […]

Mastering Community Pages powerd by IBM Connections and IBM Portal

So I’ve been very interested in deeper integration between Portal and Connections. That means that the beta out on Community Pages is of particular importance.  Jon Brown of the Connections team and Stefan Liesch of Portal and Content team fame gave the presentation. IBM has seen the concept of a social portal evolve.  Social Portal […]

IBM RedPaper on Caching with IBM Portal and DataPower XC10

@ansmt tweeted about this and I found it interesting.  IBM has a Redpaper out about caching using IBM Portal and DataPower XC10.  Many may think of a portal as a vibrant community with lots of changing content, ratings, tags, and applications.  However, the reality is that most sites these days have some level of content […]

Wheaton Worldwide as an Interesting Case Study

IBM has a YouTube of Wheaton Worldwide’s presentation and case study.  Their portal includes key content and a learning management system integrated to the portal.  But the new functionality really integrated their business functions into the portal.  That’s what I really like about this case study. Wheaton’s portal enables their business and uses the web […]

Widgr Supports a Variety of Platforms

Can Widgr Fill a Market Niche?

I’ve blogged before about the need for a marketplace of portlets.   I’ve lamented the lack thereof in fact.  So I was happy to hear about a new offering in the Widgr Marketplace site.  Widgr, in beta right now, intends to offer a variety of portlets, widgets, gadgets, iframes, and other pieces of functionality for use […]