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IBM RedPaper on Caching with IBM Portal and DataPower XC10

@ansmt tweeted about this and I found it interesting.  IBM has a Redpaper out about caching using IBM Portal and DataPower XC10.  Many may think of a portal as a vibrant community with lots of changing content, ratings, tags, and applications.  However, the reality is that most sites these days have some level of content that doesn’t change.  It may be entire pages or just portlets on pages.  They may change once a month or each day.  Either way, there exists a lot of opportunity to optimize IBM Portal for those who want to cut the average page load time or just handle more page views for the same processor.  My first suggestion would be to optimize caching and tuning inside of WAS and IBM Portal.  My second suggestion would be to look at an appliance that does caching for you.

BM® offers two elastic caching options: IBM WebSphere® eXtreme Scale and the IBM WebSphere DataPower® XC10 appliance. Although WebSphere eXtreme Scale provides the ultimate flexibility across a broad range of caching scenarios, the WebSphere DataPower XC10 appliance is built for simple, drop-in caching scenarios that require few software configuration and application code changes to your existing environment.

The WebSphere DataPower XC10 appliance can be fully operational within a couple of hours of being wheeled into your data center. Additionally, a single appliance provides 240 GB of “real” caching storage capacity which, optionally configured with a second appliance for high availability purposes, is sufficient for most enterprise requirements without the cost of the real storage required for WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

This IBM Redpapers™ publication provides instructions on how to integrate, configure, and monitor session HTTP sessions from WebSphere Portal in a DataPower XC10 data grid. This paper discusses the common use cases for introducing a DataPower XC10 solution into a WebSphere Portal architecture.

The paper is designed for current and potential users of WebSphere Portal who want to add the DataPower XC10 appliance caching option to their configuration.

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