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Three Things to Know About Next Generation Reporting in Oracle’s EPM Platform

Oracle is introducing major enhancements to its EPM reporting capabilities with the February 2021 update. These enhancements will undoubtedly provide Oracle EPM customers the opportunity to expand their current reporting abilities to meet the challenges facing organizations today. Continue reading below as we touch on three things every customer must know about the new functionality […]

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FCCS new substitution variable ExtendAccountScope

Did you notice that accounts defined outside the balance sheet hierarchy has started to roll forward since Nov close ?  That’s because of the previously communicated 20.11 upgrade feature that extends account scope of translation and consolidation.  Since you have certain customization needs and you wish to not have these accounts to roll forward outside […]

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Do you use “Composite form” or “runBusinessRule” in your Oracle cloud application ?

Oracle’s support for composite forms will be stopped from May 2021 according to oracle’s update for future.  There are dashboard features that you can take advantage of to convert your composite forms sooner than later. And also if you are executing rulesets using Automate command “runBusinessRule” – you may want to explore “runRuleset” command as […]

Approval Process Enhancements October 2020 release

Here are some news from oracle regarding the October 2020 patch update for FCCS: The much awaited changes to approval / review process are coming up.  Titbits from today’s Oracle webcast – FCCS related to approval process for you are, In the approval process, when you add new entities you no longed need to unlock and […]


Daily Sales Tracking for Financial Analytics

Financial analysts are often looking for a daily tracker of their organization’s sales. Daily sales tracking requires bench-marking against budgets and forecasts. However, it is often the case that plans are defined at a higher level compared to actuals. In addition, while actuals are available from ERP, plans are maintained in a separate application for […]

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My Approvals unit is not recognizing the year – How can I validate data in FCCS?

If you are getting Failed: Invalid data when you try to lock your period through Approvals, it is time for you to review your Validation form’s variables. Issue: In FCCS – When you are ready to validate and lock the period using the Approvals Menu – you will notice that the validation doesn’t go through […]

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Supplement Oracle EPM with Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse in 10 Weeks

Are you looking to supplement your Oracle EPM applications with enhanced analytics capabilities? At Perficient, we have successfully implemented analytics solutions that complement both on-premises Hyperion applications as well as Oracle EPM Cloud business processes: Planning and Budget Cloud Service, Financial Consolidation & Close Service, and Essbase Cloud. Our methodology requires minimal data movement leveraging […]

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See How Adding Oracle Analytics Can Elevate Your EPM Experience

The Oracle EPM suite provides best-in-class business process applications when it comes to activities such as financial planning, consolidation and period-end close. Organizations are often looking for ways to easily incorporate financial information, out of EPM applications, into consolidated reporting with other systems (such as ERP, Sales, HR, and others). Also, there is great value […]

Reader’s Choice: Top 5 Oracle Blog Posts of 2019

Subject matter experts in Perficient’s Oracle practice published more than 100 blog posts in 2019!  Many thanks to the team for taking the time to share your thoughts as well as tips and tricks with our readers. Below are the top five Oracle blog posts authored by the Oracle practice in 2019, ranked in order […]

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Modernize Accounting and Reap the Benefits with a Faster Period Close

Even those of us that don’t work for the office of finance know that anything that can be done to speed the close process is worth a closer look. My colleague, Matt Hopkins, delivered a great webinar on this topic earlier this month – Shorten the Period-Close and Pivot from Collecting Data to Analysis. This […]

Navigating FCCS Intricacies for a Smooth Deployment Part 1

The successful deployment of Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC) remains a discussion point within the FCC community more than three years after FCC made its debut.  While Oracle invested time and effort to standardize consolidation rules, the intricacies and variety within the field of financial consolidations presents its own challenges. Oracle began offering their cloud […]

Navigating FCCS Intricacies for a Smooth Deployment Part 2

In the previous post, I began listing topics for consideration when building a FCC application.  I will continue the discussion on how to remain connected to the FCC community. FCC Forum and Oracle Cloud Readiness Knowing where to find information or how to reach out to fellow peers is the first step.  Oracle has an […]

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