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Important April Updates for Oracle EPM Cloud Customers


Smart Push is a Forms feature available in Planning, Financial Consolidation and Close, and Tax Reporting which permits the movement of data from one cube to another. This movement, or push, occurs instantaneously during execution (click here for options on configuring when the push occurs). Smart Push uses Data Maps to facilitate the mapping of source & target dimensions. Oracle provides a really good video explaining the configuration on their YouTube channel. I highly recommend checking it out!

Up until now, Smart Push has been limited to the cubes within a single application. But starting this month, customers have the ability to Push data across applications!

Setting this up is simple… within the Data Map definition click “Select Remote Cube” in the Cube Name drop down:


Please note, only the Planning Modules and FreeForm Planning are available as both a source & target. The other applications are target-only.



Data Maps now also provide the ability to define much more granular level mappings between source and target dimensions. This permits much more flexibility in data movements between cubes. The available types of mappings are as follows:

  • Simple Mappings: One to One mappings between source and target members
  • Roll-up Mappings: Multiple members on a source with a target member
  • Multi-Dimension Mappings: Mapping two source dimensions to one target dimension or one source dimension to two target dimensions.
  • Substitution Variable Mapping: Substitution Variable can be referred to during the execution of the data map.

Additional information on configuring these types of mappings within Data Maps can be found here.



The EPM Task Manager provides customers the ability to monitor and report on the various activities within the Planning process. While Task List is a well known feature in Planning, the new EPM Task Manager permits the following advanced capabilities:

  • Define the tasks and schedule to ensure the most efficient task flow
  • Automate the business process, track status, and provide notifications and alerts
  • Notify users by email for delinquencies, due dates, status changes
  • Monitor business process status from a dashboard
  • Act quickly to fix errors and delays
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the business process

Additional information on setting up EPM Task Manager and its capabilities can be found here!

The EPM Task Manager can be enabled via the application creation wizard. Please note, applications currently using Task Lists will not be affected by this new feature.


Thoughts on “Important April Updates for Oracle EPM Cloud Customers”

  1. Hi. From my side, the mappings between source and target dimensions does not work. We still have the message “The data push operation is not supported in the current release for cross pod data maps and data maps with member level mapping” .
    So no possibility to use these new interesting functionalities… Any idea why this situation ?

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