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Enterprise Social Success: Smart Governance to Encourage Adoption

Here at Perficient, we have some real Yammer all-stars, and I have no doubt they’re a big part of the reason we have such a vibrant and active enterprise social network. For example, one Yammer group I am a part of for partner marketers, has brought our team much closer together and allowed us to […]

Yammer Governance: Working Like a (Safer) Network – Webinar Recap

Each and every time my colleague, Rich Wood, speaks on a webinar or presents at an event, I know it’s going to be good. Whether his audience is more business or technically oriented, or a healthy mix, he has a knack for presenting content in an engaging manner and a way that’s easy to digest […]

Upcoming Webinar: Governance and Yammer, Moving Beyond SharePoint

Enterprise social networks require some level of governance to operate most effectively. On one side of the equation, there is truth in the fact that a social network is most effective when users are allowed to communicate freely, and without restrictive policies. At the same time, there are some rules that must be enforced and […]

Could Yammer Supplant Your Intranet?

We see a lot of scenarios where clients are moving their intranets successfully to the Office 365 cloud with SharePoint Online.  This is the easiest, smoothest path to an social intranet on the Microsoft platform, due largely to the ever-closer relationship between Yammer and the rest of the services in Office 365. That said,there are […]

Enterprise Social and its Three Most Dangerous Myths

Enterprise social.  It’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread (The Beatles, frozen custard and computer-generated animation all make stronger cases for that title) but lately it seems like it’s close.  That said, for all of its growing popularity, our experience tells us that a good deal of what people believe about social networks– and how to […]

Yammer 101 Series – Topics

What do you do when you have a great idea you want to share with your company network? And you want to make sure it is not buried in the company newsfeed that everyone seems to be posting to? And you need to make sure the post is extremely easy to retrieve later on? The […]

Driving Business Value with #Yammer: Webinar Replay & Highlights

We hosted a webinar last week on the topic of driving business value with Yammer, and the session is now available for replay. Rich Wood, Director of Perficient’s national Microsoft web and social collaboration practice, did a great job briefly introducing attendees to the idea of an enterprise social network, and shared some key things worth […]

Upcoming Webinar: How to Drive Business Value with Yammer

Are you interested in a future that includes better collaboration, perhaps through a successfully deployed enterprise social network (or maybe you a step ahead and are already there)? How engaged is your company, or your team? How effectively does your network collaborate? Most would agree that an engaged network is a powerful network, but getting […]

Yammer External Networks: Engage Customers/Partners Webinar Recap

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar, “Yammer External Networks: Engaging Partners & Customers,” where my colleague Rich Wood, Director of Web & Social Collaboration at Perficient, dug into the potential that Yammer offers when it comes to engaging those outside your company, and how it is truly redefining what we’ve come to know as […]

Yammer External Networks – Your Extranet Made Social

After meeting them at SharePoint Conference 2014, I recently accepted an invitation from ViewDo Labs to publish the occasional musing on their enterprise social blog. ViewDo is a company formed by the former Axceler braintrust to focus on enterprise social analytics, and they have a great and growing product already out there for Yammer. This […]

SPC 2014: Yammer External Networks, Engaging Customer and Partner

Our own Rich Wood spoke at the SharePoint Conference.  Many think of Yammer as only for employees of a specific company but as Rich points out, that’s limiting the technology.   Microsoft actually created a network just for the conference.  This is available to all Yammer users who are attendees of the conference.  That’s one […]

Perficient announces Rich Wood to speak at #SPC14 on Yammer

Today, Perficient announced that Rich Wood, director of Perficient’s national Microsoft web and social collaboration practice, will present on Yammer best practices at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014, taking place next week, March 3-6, in Las Vegas. The Perficient Microsoft team will also be available in booth #308 to discuss all things SharePoint, and they’ll […]

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