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Yammer External Networks: Engage Customers/Partners Webinar Recap

On Wednesday, we hosted a live webinar, “Yammer External Networks: Engaging Partners & Customers,” where my colleague Rich Wood, Director of Web & Social Collaboration at Perficient, dug into the potential that Yammer offers when it comes to engaging those outside your company, and how it is truly redefining what we’ve come to know as a traditional external network.Yammer
Rich kicked it off with a quick discussion around the common ground between an enterprise social network and an extranet. He pointed out, that with all the benefits of an enterprise social network, it sure would be nice to share these benefits with your customers, partners, even vendors, right?
He then reviewed how extranets work, use cases, and why our reflex for an extranet tends to be on-premises SharePoint (secured behind SSL, Active Directory, strict governance). But, the cloud has really changed things, and due to that, he talked about why your organization should consider using Yammer as an external network.
Rich also gave a demo of a Yammer external network that we use here at Perficient, where he showed attendees how easy the platform is to use, and how to govern Yammer as an extranet.
There was a bit of time for Q&A, and Rich covered some great questions. You can view the entire webinar at your convenience here. This week, Rich also published a blog post on Yammer external networks over at ViewDo Labs. Check it out!


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