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Enterprise Social Success: Smart Governance to Encourage Adoption

Here at Perficient, we have some real Yammer all-stars, and I have no doubt they’re a big part of the reason we have such a vibrant and active enterprise social network. For example, one Yammer group I am a part of for partner marketers, has brought our team much closer together and allowed us to share countless numbers of ideas, best practices and successes, or simply to ask for advice and get feedback. Before sending an email, I try to ask myself – is this better suited to share on Yammer? A lot of the time, it is. Or, we have a new project and the project team is going back and forth via email – Yammer makes a lot more sense, and it’s quick and easy to spin up a new group for this purpose.
For success and self-sustaining engagement with an enterprise social platform such as Yammer, it’s important to include certain steps on your “social journey,” as Rich Wood demonstrated at the start of a recent webinar, “Succeed with Yammer: Encouraging Adoption with Smart Social Governance.” Paying careful attention to governance, defining use cases, planning for communication and training activity, and creating an internal change champion network are all critical components to achieving this success.
In terms of governance, Rich explained that WHY you are using Yammer drives HOW you choose to govern it. SharePoint is all about document collaboration, and Yammer… not so much. Yammer is about social collaboration – it’s all about the people.
After reviewing different governance controls and options, as well as analytics, Rich passed to torch to Joe Crabtree, who covered how to mobilize your network. Joe discussed the importance of identifying a community manager and the role that individual needs to play. Next, he talked about your team of change champions, and how to gain executive presence on your enterprise social network. Lastly, Joe discussed the best ways to grow, moderate and engage your network.
It was a great session, and I highly recommend watching the replay.

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Taylor Rhyne

I work closely with our content management practices and partners at Perficient to lead marketing efforts designed to increase awareness and impact pipeline. I have experience in a variety of industries and have spent the last decade creating multi-faceted campaigns, working to integrate various channels into the plan and maximize effectiveness.

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