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Rethinking the Automotive Website

Auto manufacturers need to rethink their entire approach to their websites. The typical content that every OEM displays on their website is getting stale and boring. Yes, you should still have a vehicle details page, and all the shopping tools that go with it, but why not start including different types of content outside of […]

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The Secret to Functional, Collaborative Salesforce Communities

Vlocity is a San Francisco-based company that delivers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embed digital, omnichannel processes for customer-centric industries. They are also a Strategic Partner to Salesforce and have many tools developed to help their customers and partners drive results and ensure success. However, Vlocity’s VisualForce community lacked engagement and was difficult to […]

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Our Proven Recipe for Customer Community Success

The Best Communities Focus on Content and Design Content plays a foundational role in a community’s success. However, having helpful, easy-to-follow content available for your customer community means nothing unless users are able to find it, consume it, and understand it. That’s where the UI/UX design comes into play; when, where, and how they access […]

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Building a Successful Community with Engaging Content [WEBINAR]

As you strive to offer the best customer experience possible, branded communities have become the preferred method for collaboration. Of all self-service channels, customers make the most frequent use of knowledge bases. But your community is only as good as the support it provides, so if engagement is low or your knowledge bank is lacking, […]

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New Partner Community Helps Okta Cut Through the Content Clutter

With all the different audiences businesses interact with today, it can be a challenge to control the information each audience actually needs. Systems that worked in the past can quickly become useless as growth happens and business needs change. The question is, can your technology solutions keep up? When Your Community Content is Out of […]

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Winning Intranet Strategies: Structured Content and Data Silos

Those of us in the business of building corporate intranets have long battled against people’s tendencies to work in isolation or “silos”. Our goal is to create intranet and collaboration sites where people work in an open and transparent manner, and information is accessible, enabling better decision-making and productivity. Many intranet and collaboration tools such […]

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How Jazz Uses Connected Health To Create Awareness And Demand

A recent conversation with a prospective client of ours prompted me to write this post. The client is looking at ways to improve the adoption rate of one of its products by a specific population because, for a variety of reasons, adoption by that segment has been slower than others. The solution to challenges like […]

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The Strategic Hierarchy We Forget in Healthcare Digital Strategy

There are quite a few fallacious assumptions made in the construction of digital strategy. One of the most common ones I witness is confusion between strategy and roadmap. When I take the necessary time to review an organization’s existing digital strategy documentation, more often than not I am presented with a document that outlines an […]

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Escaping the Digital Media Click Trap

I ran across an interesting article at the site.  It’s about how using ‘tricks’ to generate more views ultimately fails.   The main target are the news generators and the examples they use include Mashable and BuzzFeed but the lessons learned are completely relevant to anyone trying to create a great customer experience.  A […]

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Transform Unstructured Healthcare Data Into Key Patient Insights

The transformation of the healthcare industry from a fee for service model to a value-based care model will only succeed if healthcare providers are able to generate a complete, 360 degree view of the patient. In a recent blog Stephanie Banks, Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient, talks about how the importance of leveraging technology to […]

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Option to Migrate Web Content Sites

It’s a never-ending request for anyone who does web content management project……. how do you get the content from your old site to your new site.  At first, we did it all by hand. Then we tried a couple vendors who wrote connectors to pull content from source CMS’.  Neither worked all that well for […]

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Keeping up with the Fixes

A huge number of my projects are platform upgrades, and every time I ask my customers why they haven’t applied a single published fix for any of the products involved since the system was built (sometimes upwards of 7 years ago). They usually reply with a variation on the old trope, “If it ain’t broke, […]

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What’s Happening at Dreamforce 13?

          A lot! Perficient’s Mark Polly and Michael Porter are currently attending Dreamforce 13 and blogging regularly about what they are learning. Whether you are interested in content, mobile, social, email or anything else digital, you can follow along beside them as they share the best tips and lessons from Dreamforce […]

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Webinar: Top 5 Things to Improve Your Web Authoring Experience

I like this sort of thing mainly because I hear business users number one complaint, “Why do you make it so hard to create my content?”    The technology has improved to the point where we can do something about it.  Now we just need to focus on more than bits and bytes. Ephox is holding […]

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