October, 2011
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BlizzCon Website showing World of Warcraft Lore & Story Q&A panelists

MMOs: Creating a compelling user experience over time

Last weekend, I virtually attended BlizzCon 2011, a conference hosted by Blizzard Entertainment, the game developer behind Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. A major focus of this annual conference is to provide insights and generate excitement about upcoming content planned for each franchise, but it is also a celebration of gamers, by gamers, and for gamers. […]

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Impact of Android 4.0

After being pelted with all of the news of the Apple iPhone 4s, Androidians™ finally have a reason to smile. Google debuted Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) last week at the rollout of the Samsung  Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong. Android 4 is the first unified version for tablets and smart phones. Android smartphone developers […]

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Form, Function and Business

Today Seth Godin posted a blog about how advances in technology affect incumbent businesses and the ways in which they operate. Mail —> email Books —> ebooks DVD —> YouTube/Netflix 1040 —> Online taxes Visa —> Paypal Open outcry —> Electronic trading Voice call centers —> forums and online chat Direct mail —> permission marketing […]

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Ratings overload?

Though I’m all for the ratings information people freely provide on various social platforms, I often wonder if at some point there will be so many things to rate, people will stop bothering. So I found the following site and video pretty entertaining: Jotly – Rate Everything In the video, the narrator reviews ratings on […]

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Amazon’s New Business Model

How did Amazon get its start? The business model originally focused on selling books. Then Amazon moved into general retailing, where it experienced rapid growth and success. Now it is moving in new directions that play to its software strengths – content distribution and creation. Technically, Amazon has always been a content distributor. Authors wrote books […]

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Graphic showing an angry cat growling defiance at a monstrous / punctuation.

Beware the slash: Distinguishing between UI and UX

A colleague and I were discussing challenges in explaining what we do as user experience practitioners. He mentioned a shared pet peeve, the slashing together of UI/UX. I see this most often in job postings, but it appears in technology news, blogs, and even how some people describe their work. The concern that my colleague […]

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Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

I had some down time which allowed me to explore an alternative mobile development strategy which is to use a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (or MEAP, a technical term coined by Gartner) to build cross-mobile device applications.  Back in 2009, Gartner made one of their famous quotes that seem to get a lot of airplay […]

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How the Growth of Mobile is Changing the UX Landscape

Last week I joined Enlighten (now Perficient Digital) senior interaction designer Krysta Stone at the 2011 Internet User Experience Conference here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was great to see so many familiar faces from the local User Experience community, as well as meet newcomers, and, in some cases, finally put a face with a […]

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Software Success Story: Lytro Light Field Camera

Marc Andreessen believes that “software is eating the world” – that companies thriving today are doing so with the competitive advantage they’ve developed through technology and software. While Lytro may not be dominating the photography industry yet, it is a frontrunner in the technology and software quickly developing in the world of photography. Lytro is a […]

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