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The Importance of Change Management for Digital Transformations

ZDNet published an article this week on the importance of Change Management for a Digital Transformation. In the article, they cite Under Armour’s recent SAP implementation and how the lack of Change Management led to significant project issues. It’s worth a couple minutes of your time to read the article linked below. Under Armour cites […]

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Digital Transformation Involves More Than Technology

So I and others at Perficient have highlighted many times that Digital Transformation involves more than technology. As a matter of fact, I did a search of Perficient’s web site and got a lot of references to organizational change management (OCM).  So this recent article from is music to my ears. They reference Altimeter’s […]

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The Grass is Greener

I love yard work. There’s something about the satisfaction that I get when I mow my grass, particularly the instant results and fruit of my labor, that I just can’t get enough of. Well, it’s spring where I live, and the season of yard work is upon us. A warm and wet winter has my […]

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Forrester CX: Yes You Can Fix Culture

Alex Jakobson from TeleTech runs the change practice.  He focuses on how to get humans to change.  It’s critical to put a new set of technologies in play but if humans don’t want to change…. It was a packed session so you know how important a topic culture is. Objectives: Provide everyone here with some […]

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Digital Transformation: Understanding Where You Are

Digital transformations are journeys, not destinations. Adopting a means of modernizing the systems used to create, deliver and sustain meaningful customer experiences, and at the same time ensuring the company is attuned to its most digitally savvy customers, takes time and determination. A clear digital vision shows everyone in the company the path toward constant […]

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Digital Transformation: Crafting a Vision for Change

Digital experiences change expectations among business customers. Companies see this and strive to do something different, something unique to retain and gain those customers. But where should they start? What must companies do different to meet those changing expectations? Simply put, they must create products and services that have value. Meeting customer expectations gives a […]

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Change Management: Soft or Tangible ROI

“…When we think about projects particularly with technology implementations, we are all about getting technology right…unfortunately that doesn’t always define success.” David Chapman Strategic Adviser – Perficient Change Management helps to ensure that the “people” in your organization are ready, willing and able to function effectively as part of the technology implementation and it can be one  […]

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Leading Organizational Transformations: A Digital Perspective

McKinsey has a long but great article on Leading Organizational Transformations. It’s very focused on the generic need of transformation rather than my more specific focus on digital transformation but the description of the problem and recommendations on approach make sense in both use cases. The problem Let’s face it, most attempts at transformation of […]

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Digital Transformation: It’s a journey, not a destination

You have probably heard this statement before—“it’s a journey, not a destination,” and chalked it up to a simple cliché. But the drive toward digital transformation mirrors this statement. Digital transformation does not occur in a day or a month and it is not only front-end but includes all of the back-end solutions and integration […]

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Best Practices: 4. Organize

Don’t forget the other parts of this series: Gain Insight Vision and Goals Culture In some ways, this topic is related to culture and highlights that so much of digital transformation does not deal directly with technology.  Our reality is that a change means dealing with people.  People organize in a variety of ways.  Those […]

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