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Toby Rave

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Improving Quality Management with Oracle Cloud Quality – Part 2

Welcome back! In Improving Quality Management With Oracle Cloud Quality – Part 1,  we covered how Oracle Cloud quality is changing the game of managing quality data. Specifically three pain points! Reducing the need for tribal knowledge by requiring data collection at specific points in the supply chain Not having the right resources notified of a […]

Improving Quality Management With Oracle Cloud Quality – Part 1

Do you dread quality audits? Maybe because you have to rehearse your speech to the auditors…. “X” area is managed on this spreadsheet “Y” process is done because this employee has worked here for 17 years “Z” homemade database generates the QA reports OH….and the QA schedule is in this file folder Then you see […]

Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 3 – Final Thoughts

In Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 1 covered the first three critical steps Train. Justify.Validate. In Part 2 we covered making them part of the process, having a realistic ROI, and  making the user(s) own it.  Over the past two decades I have seen the good, the bad , and the ugly when it comes […]

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Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 2

In Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 1 covered the first three critical steps Train. Justify.Validate. At this point we will assume those steps are done and we are moving along in the process. Step 4 – Make Them Part Of The Process The end user needs to be part of the design process. The requirements […]

Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 1

We have all been there. Deciding to pull the trigger on a big (or sometimes small) customization Yet it didn’t work out how it was intended Take these three steps before ever considering a customization! Step 1 – Make Them Get Good At It Customization’s are frequently based on lack of exposure to the out […]

Global Order Promise Made Simple With Oracle Cloud

Let’s face it… Trying to source orders from multiple locations can be a real pain. Thankfully the days of endless phone calls and spreadsheets are coming to end… Thanks To Oracle Cloud Now lets take a look at this slick graphical feature! Cloud now provides a graphical view of inventory availability across multiple locations during […]

Finally…an ERP with Flexible Searching Capabilities

Let’s face it – the days of employees staying long enough to memorize every SKU number a company sells, along with all of its variations are coming to an end. Those folks still do exist; they impress me every time I meet them. The reality is people are not staying at jobs anywhere near as […]

Leveraging Cloud Order Management To Increase Order Visibility

Be honest…are you tired of the amount of effort it takes just to look at your basic queue of Sales Orders? We all know the drill… Download file “X”, upload that to internal system Y, then run macro Z to produce something that can actually be used by most of the organization. It just seems […]