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Finally…an ERP with Flexible Searching Capabilities

Let’s face it – the days of employees staying long enough to memorize every SKU number a company sells, along with all of its variations are coming to an end.

Those folks still do exist; they impress me every time I meet them.

The reality is people are not staying at jobs anywhere near as long as they use to.

Newer generations are use to keyword based search engines.

This all makes the need for search engine like capability in the ERP space more important than ever.

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Luckily for us, Oracle Cloud Applications has delivered a robust out-of-the-box solution.

Many ERPs of the past required people to know part or all of a SKU number, and generally use some type of wildcard character, but no more!

Let’s look at quick example…

Imagine you work for a distributor who sells cell phones as part of your offering.

Instead of remember all the various SKU numbers, all you have to do is type “Phone” in the keyword search field, and all of your SKUs that are phones will appear in the results.

Pretty cool, right?

Just think of the increased speed and accuracy of SKU based transactions, along with the savings on training new employees when you have a robust technology like this.

If you are ready to explore more of what Oracle Cloud Application has to offer make sure to sign up below.

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