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Leveraging Cloud Order Management To Increase Order Visibility

Be honest…are you tired of the amount of effort it takes just to look at your basic queue of Sales Orders?

We all know the drill…

Download file “X”, upload that to internal system Y, then run macro Z to produce something that can actually be used by most of the organization.

It just seems like it is way harder than it should be.

But Oracle Cloud Applications are changing the game.

Offering a graphic view of order status, easily available to all users from executives to the folks on the front lines.

Now, let’s take a quick look at a common request…

“I need to see what orders are in danger of missing their ship date…”

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Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

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Easy! The dashboard comes standard with an ‘Order In Jeopardy’ component making it easy see your current orders in danger of missing their date.

Simply drill into the field and see the list of orders and their key details.

Also, users can drill directly into the detail of each order.

Finally…you can export to Excel pain free!

In all my years of consulting, I have heard time and time again…

‘I want a one stop shop to easily see all my orders and be able to get the data into Excel quickly’

Ask no more, Oracle Order Management Cloud has delivered.

Be on the look out for more content on how Cloud is helping to improve business visibility.

Make sure to grab a copy of our free guide below!


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