Avoiding Customization Regret – Part 1

We have all been there.

Deciding to pull the trigger on a big (or sometimes small) customization

Yet it didn’t work out how it was intended

Take these three steps before ever considering a customization!

Step 1 – Make Them Get Good At It

Customization’s are frequently based on lack of exposure to the out of the box software.

If it isn’t understood well, it isn’t received well!

Train Them!

and train them well at what they already have!

If they STILL are asking for a change after that, proceed to Step 2

Step 2 – Make Them Justify It

Why can’t they use the current solution?

What is the deal breaking issue with it?

Ask for the quantifiable impact the current solution is having.

Users state efficiency as their main justification, which we can easily convert to dollars….

Which we will need to know for later steps!

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Users often site lack of functionality as well

Furthermore, it is interesting how many customization requests tend to fall off when people are asked to justify them.

Step 3 – Don’t Take Their Word For It

Validate their justification.

Overstating their pain is common.

Get the data and validate it yourself.

If you can’t find the data, how did they come up with the justification themselves 🙂

Rapid decline in customization regret will happen when you follow these three steps!

Doing what is best for our companies is a top priority, but there is nothing wrong with taking your time when it comes to this.

Customization has far reaching impact into the future of mission critical systems, so don’t forget the first three steps.

Train. Justify. Validate.

In Part Two we are going to cover the next steps in the process and some of the biggest mistakes to AVOID!

If you are tired of trying to band aid your current system, maybe it time for a more robust solution.

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