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Roberto Trevino

Roberto is an engineer (M.S.) with a passion for automation, data-driven solutions, and technology in general. He is almost always talking about something new in the technology world and enjoys learning about it. He's also done some pretty interesting stuff both personal and professional. Currently, he develops solutions for all sorts of clients at Perficient, Inc. His strongest competency is Analytics and Business Intelligence (MicroStrategy, Tableau, PowerBI), but has experience designing a plenitude of solutions and integrations ranging from front-end and client-facing to back-end, transactional and server-side. Prior to Perficient, He worked at MicroStrategy, Inc. where he helped make the product better by guiding his team through performance and reliability testing as well as dealing with escalated customer issues. Before that he worked as a project engineer and web developer.

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Create a React app that shows PowerBI data using REST

Intro Many times a client wants some sort of customized view of the data they have in PowerBI. The truth is, as powerful as it is PowerBI, like all BI tools, offer limited customizability. However, PowerBI comes with a powerful RESTful interface that we can use to show the underlying data however we wish. This […]

Address common barriers to delivering on customer expectations

Use Power BI to view your Smartthings devices

Intro This is more of a proof of concept to show that you can read from custom and not-often-used data sources into Power BI. As you go through this small showcase/tutorial, I encourage you to think about what type of data would benefit from you being able to look at it in a cohesive dashboard. […]

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Have Governed Data Available Across Applications with Minimal Effort

We’ve all been there. You have an application you use daily for operations, but when it comes down to clicking that submit button, you need that extra piece of information to make your decision. Turns out, that piece of information lies in another system, with its own login workflow and going to get it would […]