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Rene Schmidt

With 20 years of life sciences experience and 10 of working with Siebel, Rene is a Lead Technical consultant @ Perficient. Originally from Montreal, PQ, Rene now resides in Augusta, GA.

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Step-by-Step Use of Siebel Composer

After much anticipation, it finally happened, we got a project where the client wanted to use Siebel version 18 (aka IP 2018), which meant that this project was going to be done primarily utilizing the Composer rather than Siebel Tools. When I started the project I tried to find a brief introduction to the Composer […]

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How to Get Context-Sensitive Help in Siebel Tools

There is a better way to get help in Siebel Tools! Suppose you are trying to get help about a business component field property (for example, force active):   You could navigate to the help menu and choose Contents:   Siebel Tools will return a list of all places in which “Force Active” is referenced. […]

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Installing Siebel Tools To Be Read-Only

Recently, we had a requirement to create an installation of Siebel Tools that would run against the server database and be READ_ONLY with no ability to change the user that had WRITE privileges. The users of this machine knew the password for SADMIN, and also had the ability to create a new user that had […]

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Hidden Properties in Siebel Tools

A colleague of mine recently informed me that there are hidden properties in Siebel Tools. This post will share how to make these properties available. In your Tools.cfg file set this value: ClientConfigurationMode = All The complete list of object types can be found here. Some of the more interesting object types include: Applet | […]

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Using PostgreSQL to Massage Data for Siebel EIM

Recently, I had a Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) client requirement to load data into the database, clearly the purview of Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). The client sent me the data in a spreadsheet, and it looked something like this: Site_Number Contact_ID Role 800,1,300,500 1-2ASW Pharmacist 6,7,2 1-4RSW Doctor 1,2,4,6,7,8 1-5E33 Lead CRA […]

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Working With Multiple LOCAL_XE Databases In Siebel IP2016

In Siebel IP2016, the Sybase database was replaced with Oracle’s own XE database. The switch has presented some advantages and some drawbacks. One of the advantages is that you can have multiple instances. In my case, I have one instance for each IP2016 project that I am working on. This is the blog that I […]

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What Is OracleXEConfig?

A new utility was provided with Siebel version 16.0 (i.e., IP2016) that is quite useful. OracleXEConfig allows you, as a developer, to have multiple Oracle XE instances on your computer and enables you to quickly switch to one that is active. It also allows you to create empty local databases. This is extremely useful if […]

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How To Free Up Disk Space For The Installation Of Siebel IP2016

I recently started working on a project where I am using Siebel IP2016. IP2016 uses Oracle XE for local development and requires a lot of free disk space to create and initialize the local database. I use Oracle’s excellent (and free!) VirtualBox version 5.2.8. The specific virtual machine that I was using was a Windows […]

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How To Override The Default “Primary User” In Siebel

By default, Siebel out-of-the-box does not allow you to change the Primary Flag in MVG applets. This includes Clinical Site, Accounts, Protocols, etc. Here is an example: On the Site Management screen, press the icon for the Team MVG: This opens the Pick Team MVG Applet. Note that the Primary Flag field is read-only. Now, […]

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How To Fix A Report Timeout Issue In Siebel And Earlier

Recently, a client running Siebel had developed a complex report. If the report were run for a small-to-medium set of data (controlled by querying the data in the user interface (UI)), the report would complete successfully. However, if the report were run for the entire set of data, the report would fail after a […]

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How To Configure Constrained Picklists In Siebel

A common requirement in Siebel is to configure constrained picklists. First, let’s define what a constrained pick list means. A constrained picklist is a list of values (LOV), in which the values are dependent on another field. Say we have an applet that has two fields: medical type and medical product. These are the values […]

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How To Change The Column Text Length In Siebel

In Siebel, we often find ourselves creating new extension columns and reusing unused business component fields for different purposes. But, how do you manage a situation in which an existing field has been created with a column text length that is larger than what you want? Let us look at an example. In this scenario, […]

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How To Use SmartScripts For Trip Reports In Oracle Siebel CTMS

Starting in Siebel IP2013, a little known enhancement was introduced in Oracle’s clinical trial management system (CTMS): the ability to incorporate Siebel SmartScripts directly into trip reports. What are SmartScripts? According to Oracle’s official documentation, “Siebel SmartScript allows business analysts, call center managers, and Siebel developers to create scripts to define the application workflow for interactive customer communications. […]

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How To Find Oracle Siebel CTMS Patchset Release 16.14

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post on how to find and install the latest patchset release for Siebel IP2016. While we’re in the middle of 2017 and still waiting for IP2017 to be released, Oracle managed to sneak in another patch release for IP2016. Below are a couple of screenshots that […]

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How To Disable List Applet Exports In Siebel In Just 3 Steps

As you might know, by default, you can export data from any Siebel list applet. Here is where you invoke the export: Recently, I had a client who wished to disable the ability to export data from Siebel, except for in one particular view. I’ve never seen this documented anywhere before, so I thought I […]

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How To Import Data Into Siebel Through The UI With Drag And Drop

Our clients are always looking for better or different ways to import data from other systems or from spreadsheets into their Siebel applications. In this blog post, I examine one such method; drag and drop. Starting in Siebel (with patch set 4 applied), you have the ability to drag and drop from applications like […]

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Troubleshooting Workflows In Siebel Clinical

Recently, one of our Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) clients noted that the rollups feature, which collates information from lower levels of the data type hierarchy into a single view (e.g., all site records within a single region or country), was not working properly. Specifically, the fields that indicate the number of subjects […]

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How I Set Up Each Virtual Machine To Support Siebel

I thought it might be helpful to provide instruction on how I set up each virtual machine to support the Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) implementation and integration projects I work on. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a clone master for each version of Siebel that I keep offline […]

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How To Debug Code In Siebel

While Siebel developers have always been encouraged to use non-scripting solutions to implement custom business functionality, almost every Siebel Clinical (CTMS) implementation project that I have worked on has included an integration component, and in almost every instance, it has required some coding with Siebel eScript. But, how do you debug your custom code? For […]

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New Patch & Update For Siebel IP2016…And A Few Words On IP2017

While we are waiting with bated breath for Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP2017), Oracle managed to sneak in a patch release for IP2016. Here is how you can find version 16.10 on the “My Oracle Support” site: Side Note: I attended an IP2017 dog-and-pony show last week and saw a lot of goodies for everyone. […]

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