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Using PostgreSQL to Massage Data for Siebel EIM

Recently, I had a Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) client requirement to load data into the database, clearly the purview of Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). The client sent me the data in a spreadsheet, and it looked something like this:

Site_Number Contact_ID Role
800,1,300,500 1-2ASW Pharmacist
6,7,2 1-4RSW Doctor
1,2,4,6,7,8 1-5E33 Lead CRA

In order to use SQL Loader to get the data into the EIM tables (in an Oracle database), I needed to massage the data into a form that looks like this:

Site_Number Contact_ID Role
800 1-2ASW Pharmacist
1 1-2ASW Pharmacist
300 1-2ASW Pharmacist
500 1-2ASW Pharmacist
6 1-4RSW Doctor
7 1-4RSW Doctor
2 1-4RSW Doctor
6,7,2 1-4RSW Doctor
1 1-5E33 Lead CRA
2 1-5E33 Lead CRA
4 1-5E33 Lead CRA
6 1-5E33 Lead CRA
7 1-5E33 Lead CRA
8 1-5E33 Lead CRA

But, how do I do this? Enter open source PostgreSQL 10!

The first step is to save the Excel file as a CSV file.

The second step is issuing this statement in PostgreSQL:


(site_number text,

Contact_id text,

Role text)

Server pglog

OPTIONS (filename ‘/Users/reneschmidt/inputfile.csv’, format ‘csv’, header ‘true’);

This allows me to issue SQL statements from PostgreSQL using data that is an external file. So, for example, I can issue this command; select * from customer_staging:

The next step is to use the super handy unnext function to transform the data:

select contact_id,person_role,ltrim(unnest(string_to_array(site_number, ‘,’))) site from customer_staging;

The final step is to export the data. I did it by issuing this command:

\copy (select contact_id,person_role,ltrim(unnest(string_to_array(site_number, ‘,’))) site from customer_staging) TO ‘/Users/reneschmidt/outputfile.csv’ WITH (FORMAT CSV);

Opening the file shows this:

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