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Pavan Madhira

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Pills Pour Out Of Prescription Medication Bottle Onto Kitchen Counter

Disruptive Strategies in the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Industry: Evolving Business Models

As we explored in our previous blog, prescription drugs reach patients through a complex web of entities. Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) play a crucial role. Yet the PBM landscape is rife with tension. PBM is Transforming The PBM market, despite concerns about reduced competition, is undergoing a dynamic transformation. Various developments are injecting competition and […]

Senior Client Reading Pharmaceutical Leaflet To Find Cardiology Pills

Beyond the Big Three PBMs: Examining a Potential Trend

Prescription drugs reach patients through a complex web of entities. Among these, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) play a crucial role, handling reimbursements and negotiations with drug manufacturers and pharmacies. Three major PBM players – CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, and OptumRx – collectively command a significant 79% market share, orchestrating much of the industry’s dynamics. This […]

cloud adoption

Developing a Cloud Adoption Strategy in Healthcare

My last blog discusses how cloud is the leading platform for innovation and agility. In my last blog of this series, I examine how to develop a cloud adoption strategy and best practices. Evolving and maturing people, processes, and technology are three elements of the organizational transformation that comes with cloud adoption. Three steps to […]


Cloud Promotes Innovation and Agility in Healthcare

Previously, I examined how cloud provides efficient access to your data. This blog outlines cloud as the leading platform for innovation and agility in healthcare. Healthcare organizations that embrace Agile methodology are able to learn and quickly adapt to (and thus reduce the cost of) change. Longer-term, the large-scale collection of data with a robust […]

Healthcare Data

Cloud Provides Efficient Access to Healthcare Data

My last blog outlines cloud as a secure and central hub for all of your data. My next blog in this series examines how cloud provides efficient access to your healthcare data. Faced with multiple sources of data, healthcare organizations have the difficult task of integration, managing legacy systems and connecting disparate data siloes created […]

Data Hub

Cloud Provides a Secure Central Data Hub in Healthcare

Previously, I introduced the cloud’s ability to modernize healthcare data and analytics. This blog outlines cloud as a secure and central data hub. Sources such as electronic medical records, medical databases, and connected devices have created astronomical growth in the volume of healthcare data. This data requires proper management and analysis to derive meaningful information. […]


[Guide] 3 Ways Cloud Is Modernizing Healthcare Data and Analytics

Driven by a growing need for timely information to support system interoperability and improve patient care, digital transformation in healthcare is rapidly evolving and driving the need for systems that can manage and organize large amounts of data. Data, in the right context, increases patient engagement, delivers improved outcomes, and meets regulatory requirements. Healthcare organizations […]

Clinical Operations Teams Benefit from Oracle Cloud Siebel CTMS

It’s no secret that a clinical trial management system (CTMS) streamlines and simplifies the running of clinical trials, and that Oracle’s Siebel Clinical (Siebel CTMS) is the most robust system in the space. But what you might not know is exactly how it would simplify your work life. In this guide, we’ll cover various job […]