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Cloud Promotes Innovation and Agility in Healthcare


Previously, I examined how cloud provides efficient access to your data. This blog outlines cloud as the leading platform for innovation and agility in healthcare.

Healthcare organizations that embrace Agile methodology are able to learn and quickly adapt to (and thus reduce the cost of) change. Longer-term, the large-scale collection of data with a robust cloud strategy that includes technological, infrastructural, and analytical tools help democratize data. Cloud technologies help transform data into health breakthroughs through better care and more streamlined operations. Advances in big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies, enable the healthcare industry to innovate and reduce risk by becoming more agile.

A prime example of organizations taking advantage of cloud is the way they share medical imaging, which was previously a cumbersome and manual approach. With cloud, these images become accessible through a patient’s electronic health record and can even be made available on a mobile device.

For patients who are remote and cannot make it to a doctor’s office, cloud makes telemedicine an option, allowing patients to see a doctor without leaving their home. Doctors still have access to patients’ medical histories, files, and test results online. In one case, a doctor in Australia was able to access data on a patient’s physiological condition through body sensor networks. Personal health records-as-a-service allow patients to control their records, managing access and providing physicians with only the information that the patient deems necessary.

To learn more about how cloud is modernizing data and analytics in healthcare, you can click here or download our guide below.

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